Christmas Stocking

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Well you should. You only have until tomorrow.
So hurry!

I thought I’d show you the big stocking that I got out of that green sweater.

stocking copy

Ever have one of those days when you have something all figured out in your head, yet it still does not turn out like you thought? No matter how many times you go over it?

Here is how it started.

green sweater

I cut it all apart.


Removed the seams so that I had a nice flat piece to work with. Save the seams you can use them later.

pattern copy

I printed out a pattern I found online and pinned it all and then cut it out.

Here is where I made a bit of a left turn and the craziness began.

I sewed the neck ribbing on to the toe of the stocking. Attached the cuffs to the top. 
Used the sweater seam for the hanging loop.

See how they are sitting? I should have just layered them like that, ribbing inside. 
But NO, when I went to the machine I lost my mind and did the opposite.

toe copy

I took one look at my creation screamed a few colorful words. 
So, out came the seam ripper and I started again. 
The cuff was still not right either. 
I have a seam on the outside but you know what? It’s okay by me.

cuff copy

So I will not try to explain the sewing procedure, you are on your own.

As a matter of fact I should have just left an outside seam for the whole thing because of the weight of the wool. Which is what I did for the mini ones. It cuts nicely and doesn’t unravel.

stocking 2 copy

And yes, I’m sure you noticed that every picture is a different shade of green.
The light has been so bad in the house and this time of year it’s even worse.
I only get morning light and I am so not a morning person.

But in the end I’m happy with my soft fuzzy stocking. I love the color. The last couple of shots are most accurate since they’re in the living room where I have sky lights. I need to change my overhead light in that sewing room. Much too shadowy.

Okay, that’s it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
And don’t forget about the giveaway!


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  1. wow... cute stockings, Anita! And the color matches perfect for xmas. I'll try to find an old sweater... ;-)

  2. I love this stocking! I think you did a wonderful job, Anita. Love the red trim near the foot.

  3. oh MY! Anita!!! I love, love, love your stocking. super job, sorry about the oops, but in the end, it's fabulous!


  4. Brilliant idea. I love to see things re-purposed.

  5. Oh, I love it! I'm glad you showed where you cut! I have mine ready to cut...but haven't been brave enough to make the first cut! heehee! ♥

  6. I don't understand what is wrong with the stocking????? It looks fine to me!!!
    Really cute!

  7. Your stocking is super cute!!!

    I want one!!! :)

  8. Well, I think it's adorable!
    But it does sound like it went about like my sewing projects usually do. It turned out cute, though.

  9. Wow! I'm impressed and also inspired. I have the perfect sweater to do this with. And I felted it on accident, so I'm one step ahead there.

  10. I think they turned out beautifully Anita, and I never would've noticed the seam if you hadn't pointed it out. You found the perfect sweater for this project :)
    I've gone blue and white this Christmas. A big change for me at Christmastime :)

  11. That whole post may as well have been in Russian, since I don't even know how to sew on a button, but whatever it said - that stocking is GORGEOUS!

  12. No worries, it's perfect just the way it is!

  13. I love that stocking!! I remember you buying the sweater and showing us. Thanks for showing us the finished product!! Awesome!

  14. I can't wait to go buy some wool sweaters!!!!! GREAT........
    Quit fighting yourself. You did an awesome job!!!!!!

  15. I am sincerely asking, by "felting" do you mean shrinking a wool sweater? It's so cool how it doesn't unravel.

  16. Beautifully done and glad you showed us the finished product!

  17. I think you did a great job on this. Sewing is not my cup of tea, been there with the "colorful words" lol.
    You are on a roll with this felted wool stuff!

  18. the "mamma" stockings look great too! So jealous of your skills!!

  19. I love it! I especially love you have used the ribbed piece on the toe.

  20. I totally love the job you did on the stockings out of the sweater. You found the perfect colors, Anita.

  21. That sweater was a stocking waiting to happen. Nice job.

  22. CUTE!!! You chose the perfect sweater for that stocking! Luv the red/green wool! :)

    xoox laurie

  23. Just found the photo on Pinterest and had to stop
    by and see how you made it.. I'm looking for an old
    sweater now to try this.. love it!


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