Using Up That Sweater

So I had some leftover sweater material from the pumpkins I made.
The sweater did not felt like I thought it would when I washed it because it wasn’t all wool.
But it still was really soft so I thought why not a pillow.

sweater pillow_edited-1 
I had a bed pillow I wasn’t using so I just cut it down and used it as the insert.
Then I cut the body of the sweater from armhole to armhole.


I had already cut the sleeves off since that is what the pumpkins are made out of.
Then just a straight stitch across the top with my machine and stuff the insert inside.


 I became addicted to making these cute little flowers.
There's a great tutorial that Beth from A to Z posted. She even made a video.
I had a gray sweater as well (which felted better) so I decided to combine the two colors.

sweater pillow2_edited-1 

I cut out some leaves and then outlined them with my sewing machine.
It wasn’t showing up enough so I hand stitched them on top with some embroidery floss.  
I whip stitched the bottom by hand as well. It was very fast.

And I managed to hot glue them on without any injuries!

sweater pillow3_edited-1

Not too bad. I was really happy with it.
It’s a great size for my bed.
Plus I love the texture it adds. 

Now I just have one sleeve left to use.

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  1. What a great idea to repurpose. I love a little soft pillow.

  2. Pretty! Plus they are so soft and warm for winter. ;-)

  3. This is absolutely charming! Looks so soft and pretty!

  4. Love sweater pillows for the winter, and your flowers look adorable1!

  5. These are beautiful. I wish I could sew!

  6. that is adorable! so warm and cozy, like a sweater... oh wait, it is a sweater! ;) seriously so cute!

  7. Anita,
    LOVE IT!!! Great color combo too. I'm going to save it to my fav's so I can show my daughter when she gets home tomorrow for the holidays.


  8. I love this idea! It turned out fabulous!

    I'm going to need to look for some more sweaters if I want to try this... I wonder if my dogs would leave those flowers/roses alone? Hmmmm.


  9. Oh, I love this! Sometimes I wish I was crafty.

  10. The pillow is adorable, Anita! Love the flowers you added.

  11. Anita, I love this. That is the prettiest softest looking pillow. The flowers are perfect. You did good!

  12. Dang, woman, you are crafty! That pillow looks so cozy, I want to pull it over my head and wear it!

  13. Anita, I adore this pillow. You did a beautiful job on the flowers, I am inspired to find some sweaters myself and do this. Hubbys wool sweater is mine! You always inspire me ;)

  14. I love, love, love your upcycled sweater pillow, Anita! You did an awesome job, and those little flowers are just too cute! Thanks for sharing the link for the tutorial, I'm going to check it out for sure:)

  15. I love it, Anita! You did such a marvelous job!!!

  16. What a beautiful pillow - you did a great job!

  17. This is the sweetest pillow, Anita. I love cozy neutral colors. You did a beautiful job. The rosettes add the perfect touch! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  18. I love your sweater pillow.. looks fancy for sure! Would make a nice bed pillow on a cold winter day!

  19. I love this pillow. The flowers, leaves and colors are just perfect. You are always impressive.

  20. Oh my goodness is that cute! I love the little flowers. You did great job. I want to make one now :)

  21. That's so pretty!!! I like the neutral colors and stitching on the leaves. Perfect for winter!

  22. I love your pillow! it looks so soft and comfy! and the floweres are great, I wouldn't have thought to hot glue them on... Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm now a new follower

  23. That is a great use of an old sweater, and it's nice that your sweater was just the right color too. Yours are the best roses I've ever seen and I love the leaves and combination of the colors. I'm bookmarking this post for a future project. Thanks for linking to Catch as Catch Can and commenting on my blog.

  24. How creative and it looks so soft and great on your bed!

  25. Anita, this is amazing!!! What a gorgeous idea! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  26. what a neat idea!!! need to go and pull out some old sweaters!

  27. Oh, look at you! It is fabulous, Anita!! well done :O)

  28. Get out! that is soooo pretty! I want one now. Thanks a lot Anita, another must do project to add to my long list. ;)
    Seriously, I love this pillow. Great job.

  29. It turned out fantastic. and I love the two toned flowers, genius.

  30. Oh my goodness you are so talented, the pillow looks positively lovely. Gorgeous.

  31. Ohh Anita--I love your sweet pillow! I've never made those flowers but they really are the icing on the cake of this lovely pillow!
    thanks for linking up AND linking back to catch as catch can
    ps catching you this week

  32. I just washed a 100 % wool sweater and had to rinse it several times but I'm happy with the way it felted! I just don't see how you can make it into a bag. That was what I thought I would do with it...but now I'm afraid to cut it! lol I love your pillow! ♥

  33. Just lovely I featured your pillow on my blog. Thank you for sharing

  34. ho un maglione celestino da utilizzaRE E LO FARò PRESTO.

  35. I love this pillow, color and the idea!!!
    Ciao ;) I'm Sara Stefanini and this is my blog http://mesobjetsdecharme.blogspot.it


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