Getting my feet wet

Guess I'm just going to have to take the jump and go for it! It's sort of like jumping into the pool for the first time. You know that first jump is going to be cold but you hope that it will warm up the longer you're in there.

I've been following so many blogs the last few months. I've read a lot of inspiring words and have been amazed at so many great projects. I thought it was time I tried this thing called blogging for myself. I tend to ramble on sometimes. I'll try to stay focused. No promises. I welcome comments. I love to hear critiques on things I'm working on. I believe that is how people grow and learn. I will be posting about living back in my home state of Florida. Same coast but totally different area. Trying to make this new house feel more like us. Laid back, casual and a little lighter and brighter. Not that we're too bright. I came across Sandra's blog, Sawdust and Paper Scraps and saw how she laid out all her projects in hopes of finishing them. I thought,yes, this is what I need. Pressure, pressure to get going and not just read about others. Reading blogs can be quite the obsession!

Oh and if you see any technical issues on my blog. Links not working or what not. Please let me know as I am still learning and the water is still a bit chilly! Thanks!


  1. Oh the shame of it. I completely failed at my goal to post every week or even every other week about all the progress I'm making on my house. As it turns out, it takes me for-ev-er to finish anything lately. I'm with you on laying out what you want to finish and setting a realistic goal for when you want things completed. Then, be really forgiving if you don't quite make it. That's what I do anyway. Thanks for your basket advice. I'm eager to see what you are working on. This is a great place to share ideas and get inspired by others.

  2. Anita,
    I found your blog from your link at SNS. Loved your hall tree. As a new blogger myself I'm always curious to see how people handle the start up postas that was the toughest for me. I love the way you did this and your writing style.
    I'm following you now, looking forward to more great posts from you.

  3. How exciting to find a blog to follow that's almost brand new. Looking forward to seeing your progress. It looks great!

  4. Welcome to the party (from another newbie) glad you decided to get your feet wet. I'm another new follower, and looking forward to seeing your creativity!

  5. You rock! Keep going! So glad you FINALLY stuck your big toe in the water!

    You are going to do great! Have fun and ENJOY it! No pressure!



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