It's only a number....

Age is a funny thing. Are we ever really happy with the age that we are? At first we want to be older than what we are. Things always seems better in the future don't they? I think it's the unknown. The excitement of what it will be like. You get to do more when you are older. Go places, do things, buy things.

Then the future comes. Hey wait, I think it was supposed to be better than this. Maybe getting older wasn't such a great idea. So,we start looking backwards. Oh to be young again! To be carefree. Nothing to tie you down. It was so much easier back then wasn't it? Or was it just different? We rationalize.

While I know I don't look like them.....

I certainly don't look like her either...

We get to the point in our lives when we are okay with our age. Life is good. There are still issues. Ups and downs. But we deal with things differently. We are more self assured. We may not be the young, firm (ok, I was never firm) easy going person of our youth. But we are confident. We like who we have become and what we have accomplished. Yes, we have aged ever so slightly. But that's okay. I'm okay. It's okay! Have I convinced you its okay?

Then the day comes. A bright and beautiful day. Clear skies, cool breezes. You are out shopping. You are happy because you find so many of the thing you were out looking for. Glorious! Then you go to check out and the cashier asks you....."oh, can you use the senior discount?" WHAAAAT?? Everything goes into slow motion. I am leaping over the counter, arms out, reaching for her neck. Okay, so in my mind I was doing that. She tried to back track and said, "oh, oh, well, it's only 55 for the discount so I thought I'd ask" Hold the phone lady. (who happened to look like a very tired 35 year old) Just the other day I had someone telling me they couldn't believe I had a kid in college. Did I age that much in a week? What the heck just happened here? This can't be. I have to say I was crushed. I told my sister. She got a good laugh. I go to the store later that night for some wine and Coronas. I couldn't decide. I might need both okay? Yes, need. I go to check out. I get ma'amed to death by the bag boy. While very respectful, it does make me feel old. Then, to top it all off, I don't even get asked for my id. I thought it was the law people??



  1. Anita, you are a great writer. You are funny and I can feel your pain too:)

  2. Oh Anita you are hilarious! I have to say that I'm with you on the ma'am thing. It makes me feel soooo old. I guess Miss clearly doesn't fit and I should be glad to be shown respect but I think I'd rather just skip the title altogether.

  3. LOL,
    I love this post. Great writing!

  4. Hilarious! I'm right there with ya!!!! I became a ma'am over night. I don't know when it happened. I'm still reeling. I used to get a nice stare now and then from the opposite sex. Not that it held any water or anything. But you know...."oh maybe I've still got it!" Now men in their 70's wink at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SCREAMING RIGHT NOW, BTW!!!

    I got proofed the other day at Target for buying cough and cold medicine. Does that relate to anything here? I was crushed somehow!!!!


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