Stinky starfish

So, I bought some starfish. Yes, I live in Florida and yes I bought starfish off the internet. I may live near emerald green water and snow white sand but pretty shells and starfish we do not have. Unless you count this little guy. I came across one lonely little starfish. He was in our shrimp that we bought for bait. He looks like this.

Adorable, no? Not really much to decorate with. So, I found these online. Much more sizable! Just one thing. They came rather stinky. I had let them air out for a couple of weeks. Gave them a few shots of fabreeze and they are smelling much better. Now I just need to fiddle with where they will go.

I thought I was going to get some snide remarks from hubby about buying these pretty starfish but alas the only remark I got was that the fat orange one looks like Patrick. You know, from Spongebob. That was the one show that my boys, hubby included, watched that got on my nerves. His voice was like nails on a chalkboard. So now when I see it, I will forever think of Spongebob. Wonderful!


  1. Hi Anita..
    Just had to write..
    Welcome to Blogland!
    I'm a newbie also..
    started last August 2009..
    Am also from Florida..
    as in NATIVE!
    from Pensacola..
    sugar white sand and emerald waters..
    love starfish..and shells..
    and will be back home in about 3 weeks!!!
    gonna bury my toes in the sand..
    let the salty air kiss my cheeks..
    as the sunshine warms my soul..
    stop by and see me..
    and welcome!!
    warmest hugs..
    Laughing smiles..

  2. Boys just don't get it.
    I love your starfish~i'm very jealous that you live by the beach, even if there aren't many shells on it.


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