My Latest Finds

I’ve picked up a few new things for my etsy shop. Some white ironstone pieces. 
I just need to get them photographed and then I will list them.

But yesterday I didn’t find much on my thrift store hunt. But then as I was about to leave I spied a mirror stashed behind some old lawn furniture. And well, it just had to come home with me. I got a military discount so it was an extra good deal.

mirror2 copy

It’s heavy as all get out. It’s an old dresser mirror. 
It has some lovely carved details and a gorgeous shape. 
The mirror is beveled with some etching along the top. 
There is some aging a bit along the edge but the center is pretty clear.

mirror copy

I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Keep it or sell it. Paint it or leave it as it. The wood is in great shape. 
I might take the wood braces off the back and stick it on the mantel. But is it too big?

mantel copy

It’s a lot bigger then the ones up there now. I should have measured and marked the wall so you could see just how big it really is. I guess the only way to see is to try it. But I will need help getting it up there! 
I wish they had the dresser that went with it.

Oh and while I’m in the family room, let me show you my new sea grass rug!

rug2 copy

It’s a big change for me from my last rug.

old rug2 copy
(he looks annoyed with me)

I did love this rug. It was fun with the big floral print and the colors were great. I was just ready for a change. I love the way the sea grass just calmed the room. I got it from Overstock. They ship really fast and they occasionally have their rugs on sale. It is a big 9x12 so I waited for the sale. I really love the herringbone pattern.

rug copy

We are searching for a new chair to replace that old slip covered one that I didn’t even bother fluffing up before taking these shots. Nor did I pick up all the dog toys or papers lying around. 
So sorry.

And why yes, those are my kitchen cabinet doors on my dining room table. They are starting to go back on with new hinges and knobs. Do you think it’s easier to drill the holes for the new knobs after I rehang them?



  1. Oh love your mirror it will look perfect sitting with the others. Nothing like grouping. What a transformation your new rug has made. Love the look. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  2. I like the like the rug too. You're right about it relaxing the room. Oh, I also like Henry's bed! :)

  3. Love, love both of your finds.

  4. Love the rug. I would love to know where the good thrift stores are over your way. I am in Tallahassee and my brother lives in Niceville. I have found some good stuff at the Goodwill as you come in to Destin and have seen a few others but not stopped. New follower here!


  5. Wow, that mirror is a beauty. I would treat it to some ASCP, but I'm a white, white, everything must be white, kind of girl. I'd love to see it on the mantle to see if it would work there. Seems like I've seen someone on a blog somewhere use a mirror like that recently.

  6. LOVE that mirror... I have never seen one quite like that. How does that seagrass rug feel under your feet? I love the look of some natural rugs but worry that I won't like them on my bare feet...

    And not fluffing and picking up? Well it makes your place look just like home... my home that is!


  7. With your high ceilings above the mantle...that mirror will look dazzling!!!

    Your rug is a great purchase. Calm the room it did!!! Who knew we could calm rooms like that?

    And Henry, that's his name, right? He's so darling. Even annoyed!

    CanNOT wait to see the ironstone!


  8. No. I'd drill the holes before. But that's just me. :)
    I LOVE that dresser mirror! I think it will probably look great on your mantle with the others. Small, medium and large is a good design rule. I love the rug, too!

  9. Cool mirror!! And the rug? Now that looks awesome in your house. Well, not as much as Henry, but you know what I mean.

  10. That rug totally changes the look in your room for the better I think. It just brings it all together. I love it. That mirror you found reminds me so much of the furniture my Grandma had in her house. What I wouldn't give to have that stuff today. It belonged to my Grandfather's first wife's mother. He was born in 1898 so you can imagine how old this stuff was. Just gorgeous. Beautiful home and we all wish our house was as messy as yours!! haha. Hugs.

  11. Oh, I love that rug! I just bought some sort of jute type thing from Overstock for my entryway. What a great mirror that is too. I don't think it would look too big on your mantle...maybe you should show us :)


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