Hey, Remember Me?

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

It’s just been crazy busy around here. I’ve had interruptions in the kitchen painting so I feel bad that it is not done yet to show off. But soon! I do see the end, it is near.

There is still a lot of this around the house.


Cabinets and drawer fronts cover all the tables and are across boards between the chairs. We eat our dinner either on the couch or out on the patio. I’m actually liking eating outside! But I feel the frustration of some family members. Okay, maybe all the family members.

I’m also battling the evils in my garden.


Oh, it looks good from a distance. But I have powdery mildew on my squash leaves which is now spreading to my cucumbers. I’m trying not to use chemicals so I’m using diluted milk to battle it. 

I am losing said battle.


Also battling this little guy. They are cute but they are the devil. They have munched their way through my tomato leaves and are now working on my cucumber leaves. They are fast and furious. 
You can see my nice romaine lettuce in the background here. The romaine is finished already. 
I will replant more lettuce in the fall.

We also made the trip to Atlanta and proudly watched as #2 son graduated from GA Tech.

nathans grad2

I love this shot with all the kids on their cell phones trying to find their moms and dads!

nathans grad_edited-1

Yes my son, my newly graduated engineer, wore flip flops to his graduation. I guess he could have been that other kid with the black shoes and white shorty socks! 

We had lunch at a fabulous restaurant downtown called Baraonda. You must go if you’re in the area. They use really fresh ingredients.

One more graduation to go. #3 son graduates at the end of the month. Pray for good weather because his will be outside!

Don’t give up on me! I hope to get back to a normal schedule soon.
Hope all of you wonderful moms had a great Mothers Day!



  1. I have been thinking about you, Anita! I knew your plate was full! CanNOT wait to see the kitchen reveal. We are re-doing our bathrooms...the kitchen is next!


  2. Two graduations, redoing your kitchen and getting your garden to grow....no WONDER!!!!
    Get those dumb squirrels to eat the worms that are demolishing your garden!
    Don't forget to breathe!

  3. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. Love the flip flops idea!! My kind of kid. Glad to hear from you and hope your projects are complete soon! Can't wait to see everything. Hugs.

  4. You have been busy... two graduations in one year.
    You must be one proud momma. Congratulations to
    you and your kids!
    As for the kitchen.. the best part of finishing it
    is getting your house back in order..lol
    Happy Mothers Day

  5. wow! super busy! congrats to your flip-flop wearin' grad! :)

  6. Congratulations to your son on his graduation!! I am looking forward to the great reveal of the kitchen :)

  7. You are not alone fighting the bugs in your garden...Mr.CC is having them too. Congrats to your son!!!


  8. ohhh, how I remember those kitchen woes! I spent a lot of time doing mine, and it was all worth it. It's holding up so well!
    congrats to your son! woohooo! Love that pic of all the cell phones too! that's hilarious! hey, whatcha got against flip flops? I wore them at jamie's wedding except during the ceremony. :)

    good luck girl! you got a lot on your plate still.


  9. Congrats to son #2!! I love that he wore flip flops!

  10. Oh yay, Baraonda! I don't remember if I managed to make that suggestion or not, but I'm glad you found it and liked it! :)


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