New Mirror and FOLK photos

Just a quick post today. I’m in another huge rush to get things done before trips I have to take and company arriving. 
I quickly took these photos with my phone so they’re not great.

Just wanted to show you the big mirror on top of the mantel. What do you think.

mantel 2

I’m still sure of the addition of the smaller mirror. The proportions seem odd.
Yes, I killed two of the little ferns in that wire basket!


Also, I keep forgetting to show you my photos that FOLK used in their recent issue!
It was pretty darn exciting to see my photos in a magazine!


They actually used 3 of them :)


You may be able to find this issue at a Barnes and Noble near you.
I think you’ll love it!

folk mag

What do you think of the mirror on the mantel? Too big? Too crowded?

Let me know.



  1. Congrats on the photo feature!!!

    I think the mirror looks fine but perhaps a panned out view of it, might look different.

  2. I'm not into mirrors that much..
    and having no mantle..
    BUT..Congrats on the PUBLICATION of the photos!!
    how awesome that must be!!
    I would love hearing more..
    info on How to achieve this feat..
    perhaps a future post?
    have a wonderful time in your trips..
    and with folks coming home for the holiday!

  3. Anita,
    Now I'm lovin' the big mirror on the mantel, but I think I would remove the smaller one. Can't wait to get my copy of FOLK...thanks to you:) Congrats again on being featured.


  4. I think the mirror looks fabulous. Perfect size. Congratulations on your pics being featured. It's no surprise to me though. You take fantastic pictures.

  5. Anita--love the mirror!
    Your photos are so pretty, I'm not surprised at all that they are in a magazine! congrats girl! So happy for you!
    You should check out a new site...ohh the name escapes me. It's like a stock photo place. You put your photo out there for people to "purchase" yours would be super for that site.if you're interested I'll search for the name of it.

  6. This might seem just a little contrary, but try adding one more mirror before you decide.
    And WOW! You're published! That's so cool!

  7. Congrats on getting published. I love the mirror. It looks like something that came off of granny's dresser. The edges make it really special.

  8. Congrats on the magazine photos. That is too cool.

  9. Love the mirror! I think it looks perfect. Congrats on having your photos in a magazine that is awesome!

  10. Congrats on being a Pro Photographer now!

  11. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! that's awesome to see your photos in print! Congrats. I love your beach shots, I'm not surprised they used them. (I still have one of your beach shots as the desktop on the work computer)
    I think the mirror is fine on the mantle, I agree with Suzanne, try another mirror with it perhaps. I think you will rearrange things until you get a pleasing arrangement, you are good at that.
    congrats again, I'll have to look for the magazine now.

  12. Published work!!!! How exciting, Anita. I picked out the ones that were yours in a heart beat. Such beauty you have captured.
    The mantel? Hmmmmmm..it's a tough one, although by now you have probably made up your mind. I love the big mirror, but I think it's a little too big. I would add one bigger than the second one, or take the large one off.

  13. Anita, congrats on your photos being published! I would add another mirror to the mantel.

  14. Congrats on the spread. So awesome!! And no, mantel is not too crowded at all, I like to the different sized mirrors a lot!

  15. Hey Anita....!!

    I've missed popping in Love....I trust you've been well....!!

    CONGRATS on having your pics published....You must be beyond chuffed....!!!!!!

    I hope you're having a BRILLIANT week....!!

    Tamarah xx

  16. Congrats on being a Pro Photographer now!
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  17. I like the look of both mirrors on the mantel. It doesn't look so "done" I rather think it balances it out. Congratulations on your photo's.

  18. Anita- congratulations on your pictures being posted! They look awesome. I love the mirror on your mantle as well. The trim is very unique and detailed, and looks great!

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  19. How neat that your pictures were used, Anita!!!! Congratulations!!!!
    The large mirror looks wonderful on the mantle with everything else you've put up there.
    I love the detailing on it! Very pretty!

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  21. Congrats on the photos in Folk.. that
    must be exciting for you!
    The mirrors look great.
    Hope your well and slow down a bit.

  22. I have to put mirror on my mantel too. Thanks for sharing this! It gives me an idea what should I do to my mantel. :)
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  23. First of all, LOVE the mirrors on the mantle (but you knew I'd say that!) And congrats on being published in a magazine. Look at you Ms. Big Time Photographer! I'm so proud of you, and the photos really are spectacular, you so deserve it!

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