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I can’t believe it’s September. Almost October. I never meant to be away for so long.
I’m not sure how it happened really. The summer just slipped away.

I hope you all enjoyed your summers.


Fall is almost here. Are you ready?

May was a really busy month for us.  There was a lot of traveling. We went up to Atlanta when my middle son, Nathan, graduated from Ga Tech. Then we went back to Atlanta for a wedding. I had family come to town when my youngest, Aaron, graduated high school. Then we had to clear #2 out of his apartment in Atlanta and move him and all his stuff back home. #3 had to be moved to FSU for summer session. Then #3 came home six weeks later (with all his stuff) and then back to FSU he went, after two weeks of being home.

And just this month my oldest son, Justin, got married! They had originally planned on a wedding next year but decided to get married now and then they’ll have a ceremony and celebration later. So I’m a mother-in-law and a grandmother now! Rickelle has a 7 year old son, Grey, who we all adore! I’m so happy to have them as part of our family now.


Did you get all that?

It has been just a wee bit crazy. I enjoyed the time off but I’d like to try to get back to blogging and also pay more attention to my etsy, Skyland Drive. It has been hard to get this post out after so much time away. I felt really bad for letting so much time go by.

I still have to show you my kitchen that got painted.
I’m waiting on fabric samples for the window treatments so it will be soon!
What a huge difference the paint made.
They don’t look like this anymore!


Although I haven’t been blog hopping much I’ve been keeping up with a lot of you on Facebook and Instagram. I think I got overwhelmed with the amount of blogs I was following and it sort of swallowed me up. I need to find a happy medium somehow. Because I have missed seeing all of your projects and what has been going on in your part of the world. I just need to figure out how to balance it better.
Do you get that way at times?

I hope you understand my little break and I hope you all haven’t given up on me.



  1. Hi! Your summer sounds kind of (insanely) busy! But in a good way. Congrats on the MIL and grandma status!
    Yes, I get that way. All the time. What feels like a good balance one day won't work the next. I think it takes constant fine tuning.

  2. YAY!!! congrats on being an MIL and grandmother! so happy for you! :)

  3. Well, so happy to see you again, Anita!
    Your summer sounds full and happy, so glad to hear.

  4. So nice to see your pretty face back in the blogosphere!

  5. So glad to have you back and congrats on a new DIL and a grandchild...I love your Instagram photos but I am glad you are back❤

  6. gorgeous photos! i know how you feel. blogging gets overwhelming sometimes.

  7. With all those kids coming and going it's not
    a wonder you've been so busy... yes I missed
    your posts and just thought after all your busy
    busy you would be back.. My summer was also busy
    spent almost a month in OKC with my grandkids
    and am just getting the neck brace off last night
    for the long bout of vertigo.. it's been fun.
    So nice to have a new grandchild.. I have a 14 yr
    old girl from my sons marriage and now my youngest
    will have baby #4 in the spring.

    Good to see your doing great.
    Happy Fall

  8. I always thought winters were our busiest time of the year but this summer proved otherwise. Yours certainly sounds hectic as well. Congrats on getting a DIL and a grandson all in one. Big families can be fun.

    As far as finding that balance, not a clue. I admire all who do.

  9. Okay, first, love your photos. Second, congrats on the new family members and making Grandma status. Young children are so much fun, and he's lucky to have you for another Grandma. Summer? What summer? Did we just have a Summer? I have no idea what I did with my summer, it's pretty much a blur. As for the balance thing? Let me know when you work that out.

  10. Oh I'm sooooo happy to have you back blogging with us:) Congrats on the good news about your new family members...how exciting. These college kids sure do keep us busy.


  11. The picture of the lizard is the cutest thing ever. Lizards make great pets. believe me I have one and he's the coolest guy around.



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