Things Are Never Easy Around Here

How was your weekend? 
We had a visitor.

Yes, Mr. Rooter came for a little visit.

mr rooter

Our Friday evening plans for a relaxing boat ride were interrupted when a friend spotted some water in the garage. You have no idea what a mess our garage is right now with the extra stuff from son #2 in there. But things had to be moved and drywall had to but cut to see where it was coming from. And we couldn’t figure it out.

We had to call in the professionals. They could either come late that night or we could turn off the water and wait until morning. So…. we turned off the water, went and had some dinner and then headed out on the boat. Might as well enjoy the rest of the evening right?

Normally, weekends + plumbers = $$$$ 

But they didn’t have that after hours charge so that was a relief.

But what he found was not good. 
It was under the kitchen sink.
 Or rather under the kitchen sink CABINET!


Somehow that man was able to get under the cabinets and fix the split in the pipe that led down into the concrete floor.  And may I just add, there was not a plumber's butt in site. Whew! 
Luckily, the water that spewed out did run to the left and out the adjoining garage wall and NOT into the kitchen. 
That was all good news.


This 80’s house was made with polybutylene plumbing. And that is not good. We knew it when we bought it and they did have all the joints retrofitted but it did not fail at the joint. It was the pipe itself that somehow just magically split. So really, the whole house should be repiped.

Yes, the whole house.


But the evening boat ride was lovely.


The estimates come soon.
I see heavy drinking in my future.

So, tell me about your weekend.



  1. Oh boy, what a pain! I'd be right there drinking with you. Good luck, Anita!

  2. Yuck, plumbing repairs are the worst. Hope it all goes ok for you. If the moon picture is any indication of the boat ride, it must have been wonderful.

  3. omgosh! that's awful Anita! Happy it was a relatively easy/inexpensive fix. My pipes are in the basement (copper) I've had a pinhole leak, so I expect more down the line.

    weekend? rainy and boring!
    the week is better, the sun is out today.

    take care,

  4. Sorry to hear about this problem. Decorating is so much more fun. It's just those kind of problems that make me want to rent. Hope it's not too bad.

  5. It's good that you have it fixed immediately because it could cost you more if left unrepaired.

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