Fabric Samples and a Winner

I ordered some samples of fabric for my kitchen window.
I have a small bay window with two inch blinds right now. I thought with all the white paint and light colored walls a little bit of color on the windows would be nice. I might get bamboo blinds but the privacy and light adjustment I get with the old blinds is nice.

Here are some of the samples.

fabric samples_edited-1 

I really liked the size of the samples that Fabric.com sent.
The two smaller samples came from OnlineFabricStore.net.
Both have really good prices and a much bigger selection than what I can find around here.

fabric samples3_edited-1

Here are some ideas of what I’m thinking about for the windows.
Something soft and swoopy. Swoopy is word.

They will look like roman blinds but really they'll be just a valance. 

Calming Breakfast Nook
Source: BHG.com

Source: BHG.com

fabric samples4_edited-1

Why didn't I take those stupid stickers off? Geesh!

fabric samples5_edited-1 

I love them all. And if I could buy them all I would. Because I am a fabric hoarder.
There, I said it.
Now you know.
I. love. fabric.

Oh yes, a winner. Ha, I almost forgot.
I got distracted by all the fabric.

The winner is….
Katrina, who was a little undecided between the blue and the white.
I’ll be emailing you!
bucket bag giveaway

Let me know which fabric were your favorites. I’d love to know.



  1. What a tough choice for the fabric! The blue with the little pops of red stand out only because I'm partial to red. But the two mustard-y ones with the mainly white backgrounds look pretty and classic. Happy picking!

  2. love them all...I would go crazy trying to decide!
    probably for blinds I would choose the small turquoise and white one..
    Bec x

  3. You have some really great options! You can't go wrong!

  4. ooh i love them all- i kind of like that green one with the aqua or the mustard choices- they all seem light but with a touch more maturity to them, which i like.

  5. I like all of those fabrics, too. Any of those will look great Anita. My eye is drawn to the aqau cats cradle. Love that fabric.

  6. What pretty fabrics, Anita! I wish that I was more of a seamstress! I love the fabric on the top row, far left, also the one in the same row, second from right. And I am drooling over that second room! Swoopy most definitely is a word:)

  7. They are such great looking fabrics..with your great eye for color what ever you pick will be great..
    Come over and say hi, I am having a giveaway❤

  8. Those are all beautiful fabrics! I love fabric too :)


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