Road Trip Time and Giveaway Reminder

We’re going on a little road trip to see this guy.

Last weekend he popped in and surprised us with a visit. With his laundry.
This weekend it’s parents weekend at FSU. So we’re going to see how clean that dorm room is.

Yeah. That might be a little scary.

I just wanted to pop in and remind you to enter my giveaway if you haven’t already.
You won’t want to miss out out on these cute bucket bags from Sailor Bags.

yellow mums srgb

And, if anyone might know what this is, please let me know.

white flower_edited-1

I really like it. It’s hanging over my fence.

Okay, need to run.

Don’t forget the GIVEAWAY!



  1. Oh, you'll have a good time! Today is one of my boy's birthdays....sure wish I lived close enough to see him. The flower is beautiful. At first I thought it was a double Rose of Sharon but the leaf is not right. I'm not sure what it is! Hugs!

  2. He looks too young to be in college! OMG, does that make me sound like a senior citizen.

  3. Have a great time visiting your son Anita! I was thinking it is an Iceberg Rose but not 100% sure. It looks very similar to what we just planted and we planted Iceberg Roses but the leaf is slightly different.

  4. have fun, anita!!!! i used to love having my parents visit. enjoy!

  5. I came back to see if anyone knew what the flower was. It does have a beautiful bloom like a rose. The leaf really throws me though! Hugs!


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