The Little Engineer That Could

Well, the time has come.
Son #2 graduated from GA Tech back in May. He moved back home while applying for jobs.
It's been really hard. He had a job in CA and then it he didn't. Lots of interviews and then nothing.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

But there is good news.
 A job has been found!

Yay, Hurray and Hallelujah! 

So it's time for a road trip.

We're heading out to help him find an apartment in Wichita Kansas.
A little further than I'd like but I'm not complaining. It's a job. A good job. 

Anyone from around that area? I've never been there before. 
We used to live in Little Rock but that is about as much of the mid west as I've seen. 
But I do remember that drive from Little Rock to Florida is god-awful! 

So it will be 3 people, 2 cars and Henry. Driving. For 1000 miles. 
And then back again. 




  1. the midwest is awesome! but i'm biased since i live in it. the sensibilities are so admirable here i think: down to earth, direct, and warm.

    we have two sons so we will prob be doing the same thing in just a couple years.

    pop over for a glam taste of paris if you would like a temporary escape from roadtrip dread!


  2. Well, that's good news! I'll bet he is so excited. Maybe he should've tried Minnesota, we have lots of big companies here, like 3M and Medtronic, that are geared towards engineering. Hopefully, the roadtrip isn't too bad for all of you :)

  3. WOW!! congrats! i am sure he will be happy and love it- i have never been there, but it seems like a nice cozy place.

  4. So glad for him that he found a job. Hope you guys have a safe trip. When will you be there?

  5. so happy your son found a great job! I wish him lots of luck!

    safe travels to you all!


  6. That's good news for your son, Anita! Good luck on your road trip. I've never been to Kansas before, maybe you can find some fun shops along the way to visit!

  7. Congrats to your son. Be safe when traveling. I have never been to Kansas either.

  8. That's music to a Mother's ears! A job. Not so good - so far away. But, now, you'll have a place to go visit. The weather will definitely be different from down South but he'll adjust. Be sure and visit in the summer. ha.


  9. I know that Glen Campbell is getting older, so is he taking over his job as a "Wichita Lineman"? Which, by the way, is one of my favorite songs ever.

  10. Wonderful news on the job! And now you'll have a reason to see other parts of this great country!


  11. Great news! Congratulations to your son on his new job!

  12. Congratulations! Good jobs are kind of rare right now.
    Enjoy the road trip~just keep telling yourself that it's fun. :)


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