Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a fun labor day weekend. I would like to thank Karen over at The Graphics Fairy for the feature on my coastal mirror. That was exciting to come home and see that. 

We did absolutely no laboring. We hopped in the car and took a drive to Atlanta to visit son #1 and son #2. I thought I'd take you along on the drive with me. It was a beautiful day and the clouds were amazing. It's a long post so if you have to pee, go now.

Henry and son #3 took this position for most of the ride there.

The first leg of the drive from Niceville to Atlanta we take hwy 331. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with this road as it's the fastest way to get to the beaches. We pass through a lot of teeny tiny small towns. Try not to blink. You might just miss them. First up is the town of Florala. A litte bit of Florida and a little bit of Alabama all mushed into one tiny town. The truck was for sale. Wouldn't that be fun to drive while hunting for junk?

My favorite tiny town to go through is the town of Brantley. It's the front porch capital of the south. There is a sign that says so. One cute porch after another. You should see how cute they are around the holidays. Some may be a little blurry, I couldn't snap fast enough. You can make them bigger if you click on them.

I love this green door!

They were having a boiled peanut festival in Luverne. Southerners will come up with any excuse to have a festival.

After getting through the hoards of people trying to get to the boiled peanuts we got stuck behind this guy. I'm guessing the spoiler on the back is just to make him look like he could go fast. He caused the vein on hubby's neck to bulge just slightly.

We passed the Smart factory. All the smart people of the world come from here.

We passed a lot of this....

and this.
Not sure where the chicken is going but apparently it's the finest.

More beautiful scenery....

 Are the clouds not amazing?

Finally we hit the interstate. We can move it along at a quicker pace now.

Until we hit a bunch of these. Auburn fans heading to the game. I took this shot for Linda @ Coastal Charm. We should have timed it better as GA Tech also had their first game just ending as we hit Atlanta. Oye!

But we made it fine and found this cushy bed waiting for us at the Double Tree. I loved the orange and green together. And their cookies are like a bite of heaven.

We had to go eat here. Everyone loves it here. If you can't find something on their humongo menu then just go home and eat a bowl of cereal. I had the crabmeat melt with sweet potato fries. Yummy.

And look what just happened to be across the street from our hotel. All of these stores all conveniently located in one shopping area. How nice of them to do that for me. I may have picked up a thing or two or three.

I squeezed in just a little bit of time on our way home to stop here. It was so insanely packed with people. It was like a herd of cattle moving through the store.  I didn't even get anything. I picked up the new catalog and #1 son can go back for me. It was crazy to think I could just browse quickly here.

And this is how the trip home looked. We all pretty much slept. So, what did you all do over the weekend? Was there labor involved?

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  1. Thanks for taking me along on your road trip. Enjoyed seeing all the southern sights.

  2. Really? ALL the smart people? You crack me up!

    It sounds like a fun road trip. I'd love to see more of the south some day, and it was fun to look at all your photos.

    We had a great Labor Day. If you don't count trying to canoe in a windstorm. :)

  3. No!! No labor whatsoever. Unless you count making cookies (again) and taco salad for friends.
    But I sure enjoyed the trip through your eyes...so fun!!! I would love to rock a while on some of those porches..
    Give Henry a big hug for me...

  4. That was fun. I dont know if I have ever seen a photo of you. Now I have seen a part of you in a mirror. COngrats on your feature. You already know what I did...went crazy finishing curtains.

  5. If only I could have one of those porches on the front of my house!!!

  6. Congrats on being featured over at the Graphics Fairy! Sounds like yo had a great road trip, and Henry sure looks like a pooped pooch! I am in love with all of those beautiful porches that you shared with us! Especially the ones with all of the gorgeous gingerbread trim. I would love to have a porch like that!

  7. I love road trips! Congratulations on being featured...that is so exciting.

  8. Congratulations on your feature! And looks like you had a nice drive and wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a couple of days. Congrats on the feature at Graphics Fairy!!

  10. Road trip....love road trips! Looks like a great day Anita.

  11. Hi sweetie!
    You, hubby, Henry and #3 look like you had loads of fun!!!
    The yellow house, For Sale by Owner? I want it!
    Had to laugh about the spolier on the Bug, and the SMART factory--you make me smile!
    You know I love me some Ikea, girl!
    I love Graphics Fairy, too! (Did you see the egg picture in my kitchen from her?)
    After I make this comment, I am going to go see your feature!!
    The panel/screen in the last picture on my kitchen post is from a flea market. It had some hideous fabric on it when I got it, I sewed some linen panels (One per side), and hotglued them to the frame, and hotglued some vintage trim/loopy fringe on the tops/bottoms.
    I bought it to use next to our garden tub since our Master bath is VERY open, and I like a little privacy when I'm nik-ked.
    But it is very versatile, like, blocking off a messy dining room.
    All that to say, I dunno what it is! LOL!
    By the way, I meant to tell you this, and you probably guessed, the demijohn I saw in Wmsbrg was gone when I went back. Bummer.
    Anyway, was thinking of you :)

  12. beautiful photos, cute dog, and very nice blog!
    Big kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art

  13. I love driving through those small towns too, I agree, the cute little houses with the old fashioned front porches are to die for.
    Love the photos in your post, and yes, the cloud were beautiful. Really like the farm shots.
    Seriously? You made it all the way to ikea, and didn’t get to shop? That’s just not right. Didn’t those people have picnics or parades or something else to be doing?
    Glad you had a good trip, always good to see the kiddos.
    Love, love the shot of Henry sleeping in the car.
    Oh, and a photo of you too! that doesn't look like a sea creature ;)
    My labor day was great, except for the chiggers and poison ivy. :)
    ♥ maureen

  14. What a fun virtual road trip! Those front porches are amazing...and the IKEA? Amazing too. :)

  15. Anita, This is Jillian over from The Virginia House. You had asked about my paint color in the bathroom. Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a post about it yesterday with the paint color included. Thanks for stopping by! I'm having fun poking around here for a bit:-)


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