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Sorry for the panicky post late last night. The idea for the board and batten came after we had started the project so I told the contractor I would do it myself. Not thinking it would be so hard in a 5x5 room. I had assumed the pedestal sink would be freestanding. Yes, I know what happens when you assume. :) I didn't think it would be caulked to the wall. Does anyone have a pedestal that is caulked to the wall? I did google it and some are apparently. Here are more pictures. Do you know how hard it is to take shots inside a tiny bathroom? Geez.

Here are some solutions I came up with. I'm going to type them all out in hopes that it will help me figure it out.

1. Put the top rail all around as planned at 60" and just put the battens on the 3 other walls.
2. Put the top rail and battens on just the 3 other wall and paint the sink wall all one color. Though only the top half has the orange peel texture.
3. Top rail up all around and paint stripes below, no battens
4. Top rail up all around and wall paper below (eek!)
5. Run a board or trim piece above the sink so the battens meet up with the trim board.
6. Have them remove the sink so that the batten could be run down behind the sink. Though the sink won't sit flush with the wall because of the battens. To remedy that he suggested that a board be mounted behind the sink. The battens would meet up with the top of the board and the sink would be mounted to the board.
7. Nix the battens and remove the sink (I guess the toilet too) and put up bead board.

edited: Toilet won't be a problem, plumbing is through the base board. 

Lesson learned, what looks easy never is. You would think I would have learned this by now. So, what say you? I would love to hear some opinions, I know you have them.


  1. Well, my dad helped put in this enormous vintage style pedestal sink in the kids bathroom when we moved in- he did not caulk it to the wall- he used liquid nails!!!! It's worse than caulk!! That puppy is not coming off the wall unless we break it!
    I would try to just put the battens in around the sink if possible. Maybe the trim above the sink and the boards meeting up with it would work. Good luck! It's going to be beautiful no matter what you decide to do! :)

  2. If the sink could be moved and put back into place then that is what I would do. It seems the most logical to me. Then if you ever change out the sink you won't have to worry about the wall behind it.

  3. Wow, Anita.
    What a mess you've gotten yourself into ;)
    Heehee--you have my permission to say that to me someday!
    Just kidding *there, there...pat, pat*
    My sink is caulked to the wall in my half-bath, too.
    If this were my bath, and I wanted batten, I would start the project on the wall to the outsides of the sink- attatch one 1X2X60" on the left side of the sink, and the other on the right. I know the sink is 24" wide, but then the other 1X2s would have to be that far apart, too-ish.
    Then measure evenly to the left side of the sink, then the right side of the sink, likewise, measuring around the room, and marking where the 1X2s should go. Adjust a few inches here and there to make them all "even".
    Then attach top rail at 60", and install 1X2s.
    The reason I would start at the sides is that you won't have to fiddle with attaching a board in the midst of all the plumbing.
    Plan C: Chair rail molding and beadboard wallpaper like I did in my kitchen. it's actually quite beautiful. And do board and batten in another room?

  4. Look here, for some help, ideas?

  5. I have no idea, because I am helpless and clueless when it comes to decorating. I'm sure whatever you decide will look splendid with your keen eye and magical skills.

  6. You poor thing. I would do number 7 though. Good luck.

  7. I would go with number 7. And don't feel bad. I would have made the same assumption you did. I would have thought the sink was free standing too!!!

  8. Hmmmmm, my first choice would be to move the sink so that the board and batten or beadboard would fit behind. In such a small space beadboard might be easier to work with so you're not worrying about the spacing of the boards around all of the fixtures.

    I think my second choice would be to do the chair-rail with 2 different options on top and bottom. I love stripes but I'd probably do them on the top half!


  9. Oh yeah, good luck with whatever you decide. It will look lovely no matter what!

  10. Anita, Sorry to say this but I have to agree - do # 7!!! We can't all be wrong! Love your blog. I'm a new follower!

  11. Anita, check out how this bathroom looks over at 33 Shades of Green: http://33shadesofgreen.blogspot.com/2010/08/home-tour-kitchen.html. I know the link says kitchen, but it's in the pics. It think it would work great for you as inspiration! Good luck!

  12. welllll, I do love that batten look. So, if you are really wanting to do the batten thing, then #6.
    Otherwise, I'd say #7 because I'm a total beadboard fan. And it will give you a similar look in the room.
    Can you do the batten on just the wall w/the fixtures & see how it looks before you totally commit either way?

  13. Hi Anita, oooh, I see your problem, so tricky. I would probably remove the sink if i could while its possible. You might regret not doing it later on down the track, so i would say number seven also. What is you other half thinking? Iam sure it will work out whatever you do; good luck and let us all know!!
    Laura currie xxx

  14. uhhhhh.
    I wish I knew what battens are!!! I know bead boarding...
    All I can say is that I wish you much luck and it sounds like your readers have some great ideas!!

  15. Hi Anita.. I have the same small bathroom downstairs with the pedestal sink stuck to the wall.. I wanted to take it away from the wall but it rocked no matter what I did to it..so it's back stuck to the wall..now I'm thinking of replacing it with a new counter of some sort?
    I'll be back to see how your doing with this small space..beadboard sounds good to me!


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