Attention everyone! I need you all to put on your thinking caps. I'm in a bit of a panic. Nothing major. Just some board and batten issues. I had it all visualized in the new half bath. I just didn't think it through completely I guess.

The plumber was here today. He installed the sink and toilet. I was very excited. They look great. But now my vision of my board and batten is getting a little fuzzy. How do I install it around my pretty new sink? It's a pedestal sink. Sort of square. It's 24" wide. I would take a picture for you but I don't have a light yet in there. Ugh! So, think everyone think! How should the battens go around the sink? I have no back splash. The toilet is to the left of the sink. My line for the top rail is at 60". High so I can hang pool towels in there. The top part is lightly textured and he left the bottom part smooth to better simulate a wood finish. Why oh why did I not think about the battens around this 24" sink? I'm not going to sleep. I should have put them in before the sink went in. Ack! I have to figure something out. We are so close to the end. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks. 

Here is a shot of what I sort of wanted it to look like. Only I have a pedestal sink and no back splash. I have 1x6 for the baseboard, and planned to use 1x4 for the top rail and was going to use 1x2 for the battens.


KOHLER K-2359-8-0 Archer Pedestal Lavatory with 8-Inch Centers, White
Here's my sink


  1. So hard to give you advice without seeing any kind of visual. No lights. Could you draw a picture of what you were planning before the sink went in and another one with the problem area drawn in? :-)

  2. Well, you have room on the side of the sink, but it looks like it's just the back that's the problem. If it were me, Anita, I'd just run a board along the back of the sink and have the vertical boards run to the horizontal board behind the sink. Then, under the sink, just make sure the boards match up to the ones above it. Does that make sense? It also wouldn't look bad to just place 4 or 5 tiles behind the sink instead of the board. But they'd have to be as thick as those vertical boards. Are you using lattice? Some of those larger subway tiles would maybe work.
    This is the really sucky side of remodeling. Things like this pop up that you don't expect.


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