Hiding in Plain Sight

I have been trying to get things put away around here. I'm taking my time. No hurry. But I came across something that I found sort of funny. It was a bowl of kisses.

I find this funny because they are sitting out in plain sight. They might not be on the coffee table/pie cooling rack but they were right there next to the Christmas tree. No one ate them. I wish I could say the same for my Ghirardelli's.  I have been known to keep a stash of my chocolate in my desk. I try to hide them but everyone is on to me and my covert ways. Oh look, there are actually two bags. Everyone just helps themselves to my heavenly dark chocolate squares. Perhaps I should keep them in a bowl for everyone to see. Out in the open. They might last longer. Pfft, who am I kidding? Then they wouldn't be so handy when I'm blogging.

The tree is down and out at the curb now. Sort of sad. I liked having it in here. The smell was great.

whoa, blurry picture

The ornaments are packed. I still want to get rid of some of my other stuff. Off to goodwill they will go. I didn't put up half of my stuff this year. That's a clue that it should go.

okay, so I need more practice with the new camera

And the giant ball of lights is ready to be put away. There are zip ties in that mess somewhere. Don't you worry. But, sadly hubby did step on one strand so next year I'll be swearing at them I'm sure, trying to find that one darn bulb. Because did he replace it when he smashed it? No, he just kept wrapping them up.

Last but not least my sweet angel must get packed away too. I think she got a stiff neck from being in the box all year which might explain her head cocked to the side. I just noticed how she's holder those lights like a defibrillator. Perhaps she's waiting to jump start someone's heart and yell, CLEAR! So nice to have her watching over us.

Better get back to it. I'd rather be playing with my camera but this clutter is calling my name. And it's not a very nice name.

see ya,


  1. Those kisses wouldn't last an hour in my house. I like your hiding stash. I have one too. LOL, on the angel... just got home from a long day and needed a laugh. Love it!

    Have fun decorating, yet again.!


  2. I can't believe no one has eaten that candy. It would be gone in a jiffy at my house...mostly because I would've gobbled it down myself.

    Loved your post...you are so funny Anita :)

  3. Your little bowl of kisses brings my eye to a little bowl in my living room,, my kisses have stripes (peppermint/white chocolate) and I had to laugh.. my little bowl has three in there! So I just ate them not wanting them to go bad..haha
    My tree and the trimmings.. I mean my Charley Brown tree, are all away now.. the room seems bare and I need to put some house plants to replace all the poinsettias that just went outside to be planted in the yard.
    Nice post Anita!
    Happy New Year!

  4. I think we have 2 of those kisses left. The Ghiradelli was the first eaten. That doesn't last long in the house. I grew up going to the Ghiradelli chocoloate factory in San Francisco and got hooked. I've gotten most of my decor down but not the tree yet. I love the lights on the tree and struggle with taking it down. The neighbors will begin to wonder about me if I don't take it down soon. Enjoy that nice new camera, Anita!

  5. What a good post. Bruce and I consumed about 4 large bag of M&M's in about a week. We cannot have that stuff in the house. It is banned now! It's my weakness but I have to stop!

  6. I really enjoyed your post. You are such a wonderful writer. The comment about the angel holding the lights like a defibrillator had me cracking up!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. The angel/ER doctor is very photogenic!

    I'm still finding a few things, too. Like a chocolate orange. I really DON'T need to eat that.

  8. Me too, still finding things, but no way those Kisses would last at my house!

  9. The kisses would have been long gone, especially just out and about..The dogs would have decimated them, but since chocolate's not good for dogs, glad they weren't at my house...Your pics are looking terrific!

  10. Very cute Anita and well said! Now I would eat your stash any day over the Hersheys...I'm just sayin!

  11. Those kisses would be gone at my house!! Mostly from me!! :) Your angel is so pretty and maybe one of the defibrillator paddles would fit the bulb from your strand that hubby stepped on? :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. I'm still holding on to my tree, hihi. Anita..., I added your bathroom (see this weekends Coastal News).

  13. Those kissees wouldn't have made it a day with my kids in the house... lol! I find myself just as relieved to take down all of the Christmas decorations as I was about putting them up (except for the hard work involved... hehe!).
    LOL... had to laugh about the name bit... too funny!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and thanks for your support over at The Growers Daughter!
    ~ Jo :)

  14. ...Everyone back up! Clear!... Isn't that what we always heard on the medical shows? I was just thinking this morning that when I go to the grocery store, I'm going to get a little bag of chocolates. And allow myself one a day. Yeah, right! Oh yes, thanks so much for the numbered comments. I'm having a giveaway. Will come in sooo handy!

  15. I am having a blog party. Would love for you to join us! http://keepinglifefunwithonecraftatatime.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-post_07.html

  16. It must have been your presence was sweeter than those chocolates, Anita!!!

    Ghirardelli or Hershey? Hmm?

    I just took the trees down today. And my house is a trash hole at present. Oh goodness. I asked EC if I was a pack-rat and he said yes. I wanted to cry.

    I'm joining GD over at Marianne's via Donna because I need the kick!

    Love the description of the angel! LOL!!!


  17. I couldn't agree more... I didn't put up all of our decorations this year either - a sign that they have to go. When I got out decorations this year, I tried to only put out the things that had meaning. I actually put some things right into the Goodwill pile! I'm sure there is more "stuff" that could end up there as well. I think the older I get the more of a "less is more" attitude I have about Christmas decorating. Afterall, it's less to clean-up afterwards! Does that sound too Scrooge-y?

  18. Lucky you no one ate that candy!!! I know I am more than ready to be done with the Christmas decorating and moving very quickly towards SPRING:)

    ps...I am having a give-away on my blog if you have a minute to stop over!!!!!!

  19. You had me at stash! Do all women do this? I must have 10 hiding places if I have 1! Sometimes I find a stash I forgot about and the chocolate is old...so selfish of me. I am learning to share though. Baby steps LOL!


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