Surprise Package

One of the best parts of blogging is getting to know some really wonderful, kind and generous people. It just amazes me sometimes how we can connect with someone so far away and that we have never met.

One of the first people I met way back in April when I first started blogging was Maureen @ Cottage 960. We just sort of hit it off right away. She understood my obsessions with finding stuff and would get just as excited about my finds as I would. We both love the same casual style. And we share the same slightly twisted sense of humor. I was so excited to receive a package in the mail the other day from her.

flower cards

She made these beautiful cards from some of the wonderful photographs she has been taking. She is always encouraging me with my own photography. I see how much her photographs have progressed over just a short period of time and it inspires me to keep going, learn more, practice more and hopefully I too will improve with time.

berries book

four cards My pictures of her pictures don’t do her pictures justice. Did you follow that?  Some might end up being framed instead of given as a card. Oh the texture on the blackberry one is just so perfect. But wait, there was more.


 I also got these 3 monogrammed napkins. Some vintage sheet music. Candles. And these adorable little flash cards with Valentine inspired words  on them. What was hysterical to me about the sheet music was what was on it. Come in a little closer….

music close up

 Do you see the name? That’s my dog. Henry Hadley! I know, I’m a weirdo. I get such a kick out of strange coincidences like that. I emailed her as soon as I noticed. Do you know what she said? That she hadn’t even noticed it! (insert the Twilight Zone music here) She didn’t even try to fake it either. She could have been all, oh yeah, I found it just for you. Bah! She just happened to put it on the top of the stack of music. Pure coincidence. Made it even more hysterical to me.

There was one more gift included in the package. You may have noticed it already. I was so excited to unfold it. I love the colors. It is a perfect find for this Florida girl.

tablecloth copy

It’s saying summertime to me! Thanks so much Maureen. It just makes me smile every time I see it.

see ya,



  1. What a fun package! Love the Blackberry card! That deserves a frame. What a nutty coincidence on the sheet music. I think it's funny that you have a dog named, "Henry". Love when people give their pets, people names.

    Enjoy your sweet gifts!

  2. How sweet she is and how blessed you are!
    I am a Florida girl, too.
    But got to SC as fast as I could ;)
    I will be in Jax in April.
    Henry Hadley---how cool!
    I think I need to tell Maureen that my birthday is June 15th, LOL!
    (Do you know how much those tablecloths go for on eBay?!?!?)
    What a nice gift!

  3. How sweet! And she picked it all for you!
    Those cards are perfect for framing, and that tablecloth is too cool.

  4. Anita,
    What a wonderful box filled with goodies...those cards are so pretty and that vintage State tablecloth is out of this world "COOL"...you do know that it's very valuable (lucky you). Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. How sweet of her. The table cloth is adorable.

  6. how wonderful, anita!!!! i love all the friends i have made, too- it's such a rewarding experience (blogging, that is!).

  7. That is an great gift you got there Anita. How great it is to make such good friends. If we could all meet someday I'd be thrilled. When I hit the lottery we will!! Love the pictures too.

  8. What awesome gifts. That was too cute about inserting the Twilight Zone music!

  9. Too much fun in one package!! I'm with you, Anita. The blackberry picture is outstanding!

  10. Those are so wonderful!! How sweet of her and her photos are beautiful!!

  11. How sweet and how fun! The blackberry picture is great and the other stuff, I know are treasures to you.

  12. You are sooo sweet.
    Look at all your gorgeous photos. You have a great eye for decorating your home and the same great eye composing photographs. You most certainly are becoming a great photographer.
    My favorite photo is the shot of the table cloth with the milk glass and the blue jar and the bright yellow pop of color from the flowers and lemons. It's perfect.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the package, I had so much fun putting things together for you. And that table cloth belongs in Florida with you.

  13. What a very sweet gift!! Her work is vry beautiful:)

  14. What a sweet friend! And um...WEIRD to the Henry Hadley. I love her photography.

  15. Oh, I spotted that tablecloth in the very first photo, it's fabulous! I've been on the hunt for one I can afford for years and years.

    I agree that we meet some wonderful friends through blogging and the connections that are made are inspiring. Just think of the great people we never would have known had it not been for our love of blogging.

    Cheers to you both!

  16. What a wonderful package! Good for you Anita:)

  17. Wow! You sure got a bunch of goodies Anita! I think the sheet music with your dog's name is so cool...it was meant for you. Maureen's cards are really beautiful. The blackberry one and the one with the roses are my favorites :)

  18. WOW! That's awesome Anita!

    Love those photos. They are beautiful!

    And the sheet music...well, you covered it....with the danananananana music.
    LOVE the way things unfold some times!!


  19. That is SO sweet! I love blog friends. They really are the best.

    Do you know that I noticed the name on the music? LOL!

    I would frame the cards too.

  20. What a treat Anita! I have said it before and I will say it again, bloggers are the nicest people. Her photos are beautiful!


  21. Anita!! So cool! I love her cards/photos... and yes... Henry Hadley... how funny! Fun package!


  22. Anita, How sweet! I love the cards -- they're beautiful!


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