Garden Progress

My garden is growing. It’s actually producing veggies.
It was sort of haphazardly put together so it is a bit of a shock that it has survived.


It’s just a little patch that hubby put together. We have plans to make a raised bed next time. 
It will keep Henry out and be a bit more organized. 
It's sort of the garden version of my desk right now. I could use some organizing there too. 


The tomatoes are really yummy. I love to make a caprese salad with them. 
I have the basil growing too.


The cucumbers are producing really well. I’ve just started getting a few of these oddly shaped ones. I read that it is from a pollination problem. Not enough going on or something like that. 
I need to find some recipes because I don’t know what to do with them all!


Sugar baby watermelons. They are not ready yet. 
I have never grown melons but I think I have to wait until the tendrils turn brown. 
Has anyone grown these before?

 I may have to make some salsa with the peppers and tomatoes.
Goes well with a bottle of Corona on a hot summer day.


I almost yanked out all of the zucchini because of this mildew it had on it. 
But I left 2 and low and behold a tiny zucchini is growing. 
See it right below the flower?


I almost stepped on this little guy. A baby gecko!


Henry loves it outside. He had to get a steroid shot the other day so he is a peeing machine right now. But it helped his itchiness a lot. He’s barking a lot deeper now too. HA!

Hope your gardens are growing well. I know a lot of people are having crazy heat. 
I think we’ll be getting some of it the next few days. 
Stay cool everyone!

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  1. It's growing great! I kind of wish I'd planted one now.

    Have you ever made cucumber salad? Just cut up cucumbers, some ranch dressing, some dill, and there you go. Yum!

  2. What a great garden. I told my hubby I hope we can do one next year.

  3. Everything looks so good Anita! I love watermelon but have never grown any, actually I have never grown any food. :)
    That is too funny about the barking lower! You make me laugh. I hope that the itchies stay gone, it has been a bad year with pets and their allergies.

  4. Great pictures Anita. I could go for a tomato, zucchini, and cucumber plate sprinkled with Italian dressing and a tad of sea salt. Mmmmmm.

  5. Wow! Everything is so far along in the growing process--so big! Veggies from your own garden; nothing beats that!

  6. Oh my gosh I can't believe you have ripe tomatoes! I'm so jealous...my plants are only about 20 in. high. We have a ways to go and we are in the middle of another cool spell. Great looking garden. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Hi Anita! Lucky you for having fresh vegetables. There is nothing better than a home grown tomato.
    Take care,

  8. Your garden looks amazing. My parents are growing tomatoes and we've had them a couple of times. They are quite delicious. Hope it keeps growing :D

  9. Your garden is really doing well. I like the pepper photo. It almost looks like I can reach out and pick one. My dog scratches like crazy. She is on Temaril P. It is a steroid that seems to be ok to take all the time. It really has helped her. I just put a pill in her dog food and she eats it up. Thanks for linking to the party.

  10. All those veggies look delish! And I don't even like most veggies. I am excited to have a nice garden one day. Lovely pictures!

  11. your garden looks great! thanks for stopping by my blog..i'm your newest follower.
    cheryl x

  12. Oh I'm soo jealous! Of your photography skills AND your vegetables! Beautiful and nutritious! Haha, thanks for sharing.

  13. Veges from your own garden always taste so nice!!!

  14. Lucky you to be "harvesting" already... we're still quite a few weeks away from that here in Northwest Washington!


  15. Oh, we're staying very cool here in Utah this summer. We've had temps 20 degrees below normal for the last 3 months. We still have 12 feet of snow in the mountains. I'm ready for some warmth!!!! Although I wouldn't mind if the 70's last for a while.

    Your vegetables are BEAUTIFUL! You should do some posts of the food you make with them!

  16. Oh yum!! Everything is looking so delicious, Anita. Great job on the garden :O)


  17. Just this morning, I was looking to see when the farmers markets are open. I'm dying for some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers! Yours look wonderful. I'm lazy. Love to plant the garden and love the fruit but HATE the maintenance. Yep, I'm lazy!! We've had 100 degree days for weeks and most of the stuff around here is drying up..........you know you can eat the zuchinni flower and they are yummy!!!

  18. Anita,
    Thanks for visiting! Your garden looks like it's producing some yummy veggies! Fresh salsa is my favorite! Because of the heat here,
    everything is pretty crispy which a long with my green thumb does not bode well for me in the garden!

  19. Hi Anita,
    I love your photos and your garden is fantastic!
    Thought I'd stop by and see what's growin' and it looks like EVERYTHING! Your dog is too cute!
    Barb from milwaukee and BBP

  20. That looks great. It's so fun to go out each day and see what's new in the garden.

  21. Boy, between your garden and Skinny Girl, we can have us one good chips & salsa & margarita party!!

    Why's Henry getting steroid shots?

  22. Hi Anita,

    Your veggie garden is wonderful and your dog Henry looks very happy resting. I hope he is feeling better now. Maryjane of Storybook Cottage

  23. Yumm! I'm taking photos of your garden out to mine to show a couple of the plants what they are supposted to look like):-

  24. Your veggies are really coming along. We have had a cold spring in SoCal so mine is lagging a bit. As for the cukes here is how you use them up. Cucumbers sammies. My favorite.

  25. Your garden is amazing! Ours won't look like that until August.....great to see it - keep up the good work! Paula in Idaho

  26. Wow - those veggies are looking tasty! Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

  27. Beautiful garden.
    Whatever you do, do not throw away the zucchini
    flowers, rinse them, dip them in batter
    and fry until golden, it's delicately delicious,
    called "beignets de fleurs de courgette.



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