It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere I’m Sure

I did a little research for you guys.

You’re welcome.


Have you heard of this stuff?

Skinny Girl margaritas.


These two little words drew me in.

No, not all natural.

Open and Serve!

Okay, I like all natural too.

It’s really very good.

Not like made fresh for you by a hot guy named Eduardo while you lounge on the beach in the Caribbean good.

Close though.

But it is open the bottle and pour good.

And it’s only 100 calories for 4oz.


But lets face it.

Who’s drink is only 4 oz? A half a cup?

Let’s get real.

So really you’re saving a lot of calories.
That’s my logic.

It was created by Bethenny Frankel.
A skinny girl herself.

She’s is one of the Real Housewives of NYC
or at least she was.

I’m pretty sure she’s not on it anymore.


I had no limes to garnish my glass.

So I grabbed a berry off my plant and it gave it a nice pink tint.

I didn’t even wash it.


All in the name of research.


disclaimer: These opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way by Skinny Girl. However, if Skinny Girl should see fit to send me additional bottles of their margaritas I would love to continue my research.

see ya,



  1. Nothing tastes as good as Eduardo's Caribbean drinks! But you sure sell it well. I wonder if Skinny Girl knows that Anita is walking (or tripping, depending how many she's had) advertisement for her drink?

  2. Oh and one more thing, I love the angles of your shots. What lens are you using?

  3. Mmmm looks good...especially with some chips and salsa and maybe a cute guy by the pool ;)

  4. i have tried this...it's pretty good...and pretty strong!

  5. Ok Anita, I am coming over for happy hour! And I so agree, who only drinks 4 oz of the stuff? Oh, I'll take sugar instead of salt on my rim:)

  6. looks tempting..it's nearly 5 o'clock here. pretty photos!
    cheryl x

  7. My absolute favorite quote ("it's 5:00 somewhere") - I've seen this Margarita...I've been hesitant to buy it though b/c I'm such a Margarita snob...but if you recommend it, Anita, I'll try it...;) Thanks for the review!

  8. I just tried that recently and it really is very good! Too bad it's only 11 am here!

  9. Did they ever create a more perfect tropical drink than the margarita? They are good no matter how you make them. LOL

  10. I on the way over!!! Been dieing to try Bethanny's Skinny Girl Line. (I use her first name only like I know her!) LOL
    BTW She has her own show now!
    Thanks for the review ♥♥

  11. Thanks for coming over Love your post I'm getting ready to do the same thing.... Happy Hour...Your newest follower


  12. Oooh it is 5 o'clock here that's for sure!! I have heard of this but have not tried it yet. I am thinking that I might need to buy a bottle or four to bring on vacation with me. :) For my mom and I to share of course. ;)

  13. Did I miss your memo!?!? Didn't you need some assistance with the testing - oh well, maybe next time! LOL! Thanks for the "skinny" on the Skinny Girl drink - must give it a try if you recommend it ;o)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Anita.


  14. I'll be right over. I don't care who makes the drinks, I'm in. Especially if I can have them pool side.
    Great shots, really like the way you shot the second one.

  15. A diet margarita? I'm setting the clock hands at 5:00 and pulling the batteries out):-

  16. Cute post. I am a total lightweight so 4oz would be good for me if I wanted to not slur my speech. Looks yummy though. May have to grab some for upcoming camping trip. Cocktails on the beach every night.

  17. I love Bethanny and her new show and her handsome husband and her sweet baby girl. Sadly, tequila and I are not friends, so I won't be trying the skinny girl margarita. Maybe if she comes out with some skinny vodka products. Then, I'm in. By the way, she just sold her line for something like a gazillion dollars. So happy for her.

    Oh, and I didn't see you when you waved in passing. You should have stopped. We could have drank some wine. It wouldn't be skinny girl wine, though, because my goblets are big.

  18. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this!!
    p.s. your garden is lovely...mine somehow just didn't happen this year...

  19. LOL looks good and after few margarita's everything looks amazing:)

  20. YUM! Does it make you skinny too Anita? I have to try this stuff.

  21. Yum! It's actually 7:00 here, and I'm drinking a Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade.
    Sitting on the dock, and watching the boats go by.
    Enjoy your evening, Anita!

  22. Bethenny has her own reality show now, called Bethenny ever after (since she got married). It's a fun show to watch, her husband is really sweet. And her drink is a huge success. In one of the shows they visited the bottling factory in Canada. I'm not really a "drink" drinker, I love wind and an ice cold beer..., so I have not tried skinnies.

  23. I love wine... I meant, well wind too, just not in a glass... that would be an empty glass. lol.

  24. I just tasted this for the first time last week and I thought it was quite tasty too.


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