Spidey Sense

Well we finally got some rain. We really needed it.
Only thing is, the the mosquitoes are worse.

I was outside this afternoon trying to take a few pictures of the crape myrtles.

In between swatting the bugs.


I had Henry outside with me so he could do his business.

He’s such a goof.


The bugger got a wild hair and took off for a little stroll while my back was turned.

He was right there. And then he wasn’t.

I thought he went to the neighbors so I tried to run around the side of the house.

I took off to go look for him and almost ran right into this.


It was ginormous!

It stopped me in my tracks.


Here it is from the other side.

Can you see what is in the middle?

It’s a little hard to see because of the sun.

Here….allow me to enlarge it for you.



It’s was like something out of a sci-fi movie!

If I had not seen the web when I did….

and I and ran right into it….

oh geez, I would have freaked and died right then and there.


Oh yeah,

#3 son was able to grab goofy.

see ya,


  1. OH MY!! I would have freaked if I ran into that spider web. First shot is beautiful.

  2. Ewwww....spiders are necessary in nature...but oh so yucky when you run into their webs!
    Your pup is so cute too!!!

    ps....i'm having a little give-away on my blog!! Stop on over if you get a minute:)

  3. Oh Henry getting into trouble LOL. OMG that web is scary. We have a few of those around here too. My husband and older son have a phobia with them, so you should here them when they see one.

  4. Great capture of the web .... and myrtle .. it would have given me the willies to have that thing on me!

  5. Oh ish...that spider and it's web are HUGE!

  6. What a fantastic garden spider!!!

  7. Beautiful flowers. Gross spider. Gorgeous dog! Seriously, that spider web would do me in too. We are having a rain shower right now but it's not enough to saturate anything. We are desperate down south aren't we? Look at Texas, Arizona and Georgia. Yet massive flooding in the central midwest. If only they could move that water to where it's needed.

  8. aaaack! *shivers*
    I like spiders fine and all, just not on me.
    And funny you should post about this now, my son came up from my basement the other night with a spider that large. He found it in my basement, and of course emptied one of my blue ball jars (about 3 games worth of scrabble tiles all over my table) to capture it and bring it upstairs.
    So, um right, I don't like them well enough to LIVE with them. I will be calling the exterminator soon.

  9. You get some beautiful color outside though, with all of those bugs :) We have very few bugs (although we do have garden spiders and ants), but we also have lots of brown around us instead of greenery. No ticks though, our animals are lucky :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Great post....but puh-leeze...no more up close and personal pics of spiders! :)

  11. That myrtle is gorgeous...the spider..not so much.
    Great pics Anita!!!
    have a great holiday weekend.

  12. WHAT kind of spider IS THAT?? Besides way too big and ugly?
    The flowers are pretty. I'm sure some people might think the spider is, too. I'm just not one of them!

  13. GAH ALRIGHT....I'd STILL be squealin' if I'd ALMOST run into this thing....Then....I tend to squeal a LOT when it comes to spiders....hahahahaha....!!

    Tamarah xx


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