Texture Tuesdays

It’s Texture Tuesday at the Cafe.
Which gave me an excuse to spend the day playing in Photoshop.
Today we're using Kim's texture called Golden.

All textures by Kim Klassen except where noted.

crape myrtle1 textured_edited-1
Golden: soft light 31%
Golden: soft light 66%
Sweet Treat soft light 81%
levels adjustment
Stained Linen: Linear Burn 20%

crape myrtle 2 textured_edited-1
Golden: soft light 50%
Golden: linear burn 28%
Sweet Treat: soft light 64%
Mad Love: multiply 38%

Golden: soft light 100% (two layers)
Polaroid: soft light 45% (Shadowhouse texture)

It was a rainy day. No working in the yard today.
Which is what I did all weekend. The front yard is looking better now.

I planted a new hydrangea. My others out front are not blooming and I don’t know why.
So I planted another in hopes of getting some blooms this year.

I also planted some purple coneflowers, zinnias and a yellow one, I can’t think of the name.
We put down a bunch of pine straw too. Did some trimming.

I was filthy the whole weekend. But it felt good to get it finished.
For now.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Any projects completed over at your place?
Half completed? 
Just started?


see ya,


  1. Nice texture work, I really like the last one, it has a sweet vintage feel to it.
    I did a bit of yard work too. Started putting in some stone landscape edge-thingies. It's slow going though . . .

  2. I love all your combinations. My favorite is the Polaroid action of the Polaroid pics.

  3. So vintage looking!! I love it:)

  4. Just beautiful, Anita. I think the last one is my fave :)

  5. These are all fantastic! The last on last one is my favorite!

  6. The last photo I bet was wonderful from the beginning, but the textures added so much more character to it.

    It struck me from the thumbnail list over at Kim's blog.

  7. I love your images and your texture work. My garden is feeling a little neglected at the moment but playing with photos is too much fun.

  8. Jim (A work in progress)June 28, 2011 at 1:42 AM

    Nice work, Anita. I really like the vintage color tones, composition, and feel of the last one.

  9. So lovely -- great take on the challenge!

  10. these are beautiful! the colours on the last are so subtle...love the texture & composition of the second photo~

  11. OH these are gorgeous. Great work.

  12. Dropped by from Kim's .... nice work. My hydrangeas are blooming like crazy ... of course this is after I learned a few years back that some do NOT like to be pruned!

  13. Found my way here from Kim's. I love your photos. Just beautiful. Especially love the last one.

  14. Beautiful photos, textures and I love the perspective!

  15. Beautiful photos Anita! Love the last one with the beautiful photos.
    I am glad that you got lots done last weekend and just in time for the rain. :)
    Enjoy your week!!

  16. Beautiful pictures the texture works really well,


  17. Beautiful images! Thanks for including the recipes. Your work is lovely.

  18. Wow, so gorgeous! I am so enjoying my tour around this link party. Wish I started earlier! I love your tutorials also. Helps quite a bit!

  19. So beautiful! I think I have to make use of my vases at home...you did so well with the photo and edit too!

  20. Oh, these look gorgeous! I love your processing! I've also bought some flowers to be planted on my balcony, but we had some severe thunderstorms so I chose to wait with the planting.

  21. Gorgeous texture work and your blog is beautiful and peaceful...

  22. those photos are beautiful and soft, anita. nice work!

  23. Beautiful edits. My favourite is the last one. V

  24. Oooo...I love all the shots, but my favorite is the collections of the old photographs with the starfish. I love the way the textures gave the whole shot a vintage look and feel. Great job and very creative.

  25. All of them are frameworthy! Pretty, pretty.

  26. Beautiful photos! I have no idea how to do any of that with the texture, etc. so I am very impressed! My hydrangeas aren't blooming either. Maybe I'll go buy a new one today, too!

  27. This is really lovely, I love your idea of planting another hydrangea to show the others how it's done! Thanks a;so for your recipe's


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