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I’ve had this shallow dish for awhile now. Wasn’t sure what to do with it. I bought it an estate sale because it had a frog in it, a floral frog, not a ribbit frog. I just wanted the frog, but for a dollar I got both.


I’ve never grown succulents before but I thought I’d give it a try.


I started with these little guys that I found at Lowes. I bought some special soil for cactus and succulents and some small white rocks. I always plant in pots with drainage holes. It is the smart way to do it. This dish had no holes. I know I could have drilled some but I thought I’d try some rocks on the bottom and just be real careful with watering. Fingers crossed I don’t kill them!


I used the rocks as a cover too and then added some shells and a tiny piece of driftwood.



Have you grown succulents inside before?
Let me know if you have any tips.
I broke off some of that little one up front. Can you just plant those leaves?

I’m also getting busy on my outdoor gardening.
We brought home a truckload of soil to fill my raised beds.


Hubby built me another bed so we needed a lot.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



  1. YOur succulent dish looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  2. I'm the master killer of succulents..
    no matter, indoors or out, they all
    die in time... but, your little dish
    looks so good I'm sure they will
    survive... good luck..lol
    Happy St. Patty's Day

  3. I can`t keep them alive either, lol!


  4. I have never grown succulents. They should be easy maintenance, right. And rocks is a good solution. Love the added shells.

  5. I love succulents, Anita, and your container turned out so pretty! Just remember that they like to be dry, so even though you don't have drainage holes, your idea of adding the gravel was a great one. And I love your addition of the driftwood & shell! Yes, if any of the plants break off, just remove the lower leaves and stick them in the dirt! In no time they will root & you'll have some new "babies"!

  6. Love it! I used to grow succulents but it has been a while. I had some in college that were doing great and I put them outside of my dorm at my college (UWF) for a day of sun and someone stole them! Couldn't believe it! I was so heart broken (plus I was too broke to buy more) and I haven't tried it again since! I think maybe you have inspired me!
    Hugs, Fran

  7. Oh, your planted succulents look beautiful in the white dish, and I love where you put them in front of the mirror. I have tried once to grow a baby cactus, but it died! :(

    I hope you are having a fun weekend, and that you have a good night! :)


  8. They look wonderful...I use them here in AZ..and they grow ell for me in BC as well...key to success..don't overwater..that's it..❤

  9. Would you mind sending Hubby to Colorado for a weekend or two this Spring?

  10. Your plants look really cute! The seashells and the driftwood look great in there with them. I've never grown them, so I don't have any tips. I can't even grow basil, apparently.

  11. That turned out so cute! I've never tried growing cacti before...I have enough problems with flowers :)

  12. This is such a great idea and would be easy to take care of! I think I'll look for some for a Spring arrangement! ♥

  13. Ooh! I was thinking of doing this in my living room. I really like the look and the touch of drift wood is perfect. You should be able to plant the broken parts. I have two going from a plant my mom has had since I was little!
    Love the photos.


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