Spring is on the way!

The weather has still been rather dreary around here.
The sun will peek out every now and then. But as quickly as it came out, it’s gone yet again.

cherry blossoms_edited-1

I spotted a few trees starting to bloom. That’s a good sign, right?


It’s a busy week around here. We made a quick trip to Tallahassee. #3 son had a college interview at FSU. He felt good about how it all went. He was pretty nervous and we were as well! Fingers crossed everyone!


It’s a pretty campus and it was full of kids walking everywhere.
One thing that surprised me was this….

FSU 2_edited-1

That my friends, is a circus tent!
They have a circus college there. I had no idea. 

I have more traveling to do this weekend. 

Maybe I’ll find the sun!


  1. Fingers crossed for your son!

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

  2. I'm ready for spring, too! Fingers crossed for your son, Anita. I have never heard of a circus college.

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for your son - looks like a lovely campus. Spring is so close here...a few shrubs have just started to bloom - yippy!

    Take care,

  4. A Circus tent in college? I never knew we could learn
    to tight rope or get sent out of a cannon..
    I just thought it was a life long lesson from
    family to family..? Who knew?
    amazing to say the least!
    All of my trees out back are in bud and the day lilly
    bulbs are up.. yes, it's spring! Like you our sun comes
    in and out on this side of the state but the winds are
    high blowing this past night. Have been waiting for
    a tree or two to come tumbling down?
    Enjoy your travels!

  5. At least you have a promise of Spring...we are still getting snow storms.
    Good luck with the college hunting.
    Stay safe on your travels.

  6. No that is something. You can go to college and major in circus! How fun!

  7. Seriously? You can go to college to become a circus performer? WHY did I not know about this way back when?

  8. How exciting to be looking at colleges. We already have done a few ourselves and my boy is only a freshman LOL..and of course my younger one is not even in middle school yet. Start them thinking young I guess. We will be going to Clemson next Fall, as that is where my son thinks he wants to go. Circus college really, heck I am a clown and I did not need circus college.

  9. Now tell me, who wouldn't want to go to a school with a circus tent?? Awesome.
    Love the trees in bloom!

  10. I hope you found the sun! It's gone here, so maybe it's at your place ;-) Such wonderful blossoms, Anita! I just found the first snow drops and crocuses, so I do hope spring is finally here!!


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