Spring Cleaning

I have a little problem. I have a magazine obsession.
So, I picked up these cute magazine boxes at Target in the dollar spot.

I knew the time had come.
It was getting way out of hand and taking over the bathroom library.


Remember this recessed magazine rack that we built because of that um….hole in the wall?

If you are new, you might want to go have a peak at that little mess I caused.

Well let’s just say that it was overflowing just a wee bit.

It was time to get rid of some.


So I took a deep breath and started sorting.
I had over two years of Better Homes and Garden.
I would of had more but I already did this when we moved from GA to FL.
There was even a Windows and Walls from 2004. It was out of control.

Yes, I hang on to them way too long.


So all of those on my bed went to the recycle bin. 
The truck came today.There is no turning back.

I just kept a few of the special issues and the more recent issues of my subscriptions.

Okay, I still have all of 2011 of BH&G. I still like to go back to them for ideas.

But now I can store them nicely in my closet.


And the basket isn’t overflowing anymore.
In fact, I have room for some new ones!

Next, I’m going through my bathroom drawers and dumping all of the old makeup, lotions and potions. I've just been dumping stuff in there and it's a mess.

Why do I hang onto this stuff?

Do you?

Please tell me I’m not alone.



  1. Definitely not alone. I have to occasionally go through mine and thin them out so the new ones can fit in the holders all over the house. I subscribe to several and the sure fill up fast.

  2. Oh, you are not alone. I have magazines stashed in various locations all over the house. I pretend they're organized.

    And the lotions??? Out of control! I think I have about 20 open bottles / tubes right now.

    Eeeeeek! Now I'm ashamed. ;)

  3. I get most of my magazine reading done in the bathroom. Is that an overshare?

  4. Great idea and the boxes are cute! I have magazines tucked everywhere! Can't seem to throw them away!

  5. you are not alone...I have a similar obsession. I also need to clean out my bathroom drawers, i don't know why things seem to collect there and I'm a little afraid of what my be hiding in the back of them! Pretty magazine boxes make me want to hold on to them even longer. Good luck.

  6. Well, I can see that a few other people have the same problem...me included. You would not believe your eyes if you saw how many magazines I have. I bet if I put them in a giant stack they would touch the ceiling. Sad, I know.

  7. Oh, no, you are most definitely NOT alone!!!!!!

  8. Hi Anita,
    Moving is such a good excuse to get rid of stuff! I purged (donated, recycled, tossed) car load after car load of stuff before we left Michigan. Now that we are moving back home this spring, I'm taking even more stuff to the GW!! I think once we are home, I'm going to become a hoarder, haha!!

  9. Yes, my name is Sue and I`m a magazine-oholic.

    I can`t seem to part with them though! I have some from the 80s!!!!!


  10. Anita, I have been doing just what you have been doing. Sorting through my magazines, getting some ready to take to my Mom up North next month and other went to recycling. Saturday I just went through all my creams, lotions and makeup. My makeup drawer and under the master bath sink looks so much better! Spring is here!!

  11. oh my gosh, a kindred spirit! my kids think i should be on extreme hoarders because i do tend to keep things too long. But i swear i'm not at that point yet.
    it doesn't help that the magazines keep sending me great prices to resubscribe - ($5 for 2 years, etc.) i try to go through regular (but doesn't always happen) and rip out articles i want to keep so it takes up less space. They then go to the recycle bin.

  12. I have gotten to the point now if I find in a magazine an item I like I will cut out the article or recipe and recycle the rest. I still have some magazines but not nearly as many as I once had.

  13. Oh, my gosh, yes! I hang onto magazines for an insane amount of time. I really need to weed through them.

  14. ❤ omg! same here...Imhave literally stacks of them...am going to weed the old ones out and give them to the thrift store..they sell them for 25cents a copy! I have every single on of MS magazine..never missed an issue!

  15. I did the same things a few years ago, I felt so sad like I was being rally mean to them. :) But I kept my favorites and have been good at not getting crazy with them again. :) I love your magazine boxes, way cute.

  16. I love magazines! And I get in the mood sometimes to look at them ALL! I pull articles out that I want to save and I have a stash of them now! I'm making bunnies today...hop by to visit when you can! ♥

  17. Folk Magazine referred your blog on Facebook and I laughed because i thought you had impersonated me with this blog!! I am raising my hand high as guilty of hoarding magazines! I can't resist and look through the decor ones over and over! I do occasionly purge but it's so hard! And why do so many great specialty magazines all come out at the same time?? ha! I purchased 6 different flea market/vintage style ones in a week's time! Sad, I know! ha!

  18. Found you via Folk on Facebook also.

    We're just developing our magazine hoarding problem. We used those magazine organizers for our food magazines, and then separated them by season (since most of the recipes in them have seasonal ingredients. It's helped make our archives more useful in the present. I imagine as we get more and more we might break them down even further, from four seasons to twelve individual months.


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