iPad Cover

Remember all the sweaters I showed you? I know, a bit obsessive.
But I finally got something up on my etsy shop that I made with one of them.

ipad felted cover_edited-1

I made a cozy little iPad cover. I think it came out pretty darn cute!

ipad felted cover4a

The lining was made using a men’s dress shirt. The stripes give a bit of a nautical touch.

ipad felted cover2_edited-1
ipad felted cover6_edited-1

So I repeated a few of them on the front. They were needle felted with wool roving.

Hazy Rainbow Feltmaking Mix - A colourful assortment of merino tops/roving for felting/spinning/craft kit.

Have you tried working with wool roving? 
You can also form it into shapes. Wet felting is something I have not tried yet.

I’d love for you to stop by and say hi.
Let me know what you think of the new iPad cover.


  1. Such a smart idea and it's very
    attractive too!
    Hi Anita, I'll go check out
    your Esty shop...

  2. Love love love it. It would be great if you could share where to get that felting stuff and how to do it? Pretty Please!

  3. I love it, too! I need to make some covers for our ereader and other devices! You really put such nice detail into this one! I'll go to your Etsy shop...thanks! ♥

  4. Anita, that ipad cover is awesome!!! I just love how you made it with all upcycled things! Isn't wool rovings the best!!! Fabulous job!!

  5. That's wonderful, Anita! So pretty and cozy. A nice warm sweater for the iPad. I love it!

  6. Wow, that looks good! So cute and cute...great choice with the lining too.

  7. I think it's really cute, and very creative!

  8. This is brilliant Anita. Great idea. Now if only I had an iPad!!

  9. Anita - These are fabulous! I will be headed over to your etsy shop to check them out.

    P.S. I do have an ipad, and I am not digging my current cover....

  10. Decided that I needed it, check your orders!

  11. That is so cute, what a great idea!!

  12. That cover is so cute. They really need a little case like that too. I am always afraid of dropping mine.
    That is so much cuter the the store cases!
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House


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