Cucumber Trellis

Finally got around to making a trellis for the cucumbers. 
I wanted something bigger then last year but I didn’t want to spend a lot.

cucumber trellis_edited-1

I had the chicken wire, which I found for .99 at Goodwill last year. Then I when I was at Lowes getting the 4x4 for the mailbox I picked up these 1x2’s. They were only a dollar each for 8’. 
Not bad at all.


We (okay, he) just made a simple frame and screwed them together.


Then we (I did help with this) stapled on the wire. The wire was only 2’ wide and we made the frame about 5 tall. So we ran two strips of chicken wire across the frame and then wired the two panels of chicken wire together. Like a whip stitch with wire. The bottom 1 foot is open. I can run a string across if I have to but I think the cucumbers will be a foot tall before they start to grab on anyway. It’s hard to see but the chicken wire does hang down below the bottom bar.


These guys were watching us just outside the garage. It was raining on and off all day.


We just leaned them together and tied the tops with more wire. 
The legs are resting up against the garden box.

cucumber trellis 2_edited-1

Nothing fancy but it’s pretty sturdy and should hold the cucumbers well. 
It will also provide shade for the lettuce that is underneath it.

trellis 2_edited-1  
I guess I can take that back hoop off now. 
My plan is to cover the whole thing with mesh if I see any critters munching away. 
But so far so good. 

And why do all the oak trees have to shed now? What a mess they make.

pepper plant_edited-1

I have my first pepper!
Have you started gardening yet?



  1. Shedding Oak trees and Hickory trees...
    I feel your pain! Had to get out the
    blower this morning.
    Nice garden planters you have there
    wish I had flat ground to do the
    same but my critters munch too much
    I spent all morning out in the
    garden and it' time for a

  2. I have garden envy! That looks great! No veggies for me this year. I'll just have to visit the farmer's markets I guess.

  3. Sigh. We can't start gardening here until mid-May. Even though it has been 80+ degrees all week!

  4. Love it Anita. I am thinking about making something similar for my cucumbers this year too. No gardening here yet - still 6 weeks away!

  5. YOu have your first pepper and we're still hoping it won't snow...GAH! Going to check out your etsy shop!

  6. jealous. no, only some raking to uncover flower beds. we usually can't plant in the veg garden until memorial day weekend. if you chance it, you're sorry. LOVE that shot of the rain in the gutter catch. awesome shot! love the trellis too and the beds. i'm thinking we may want to make some raised beds, even a bit higher to avoid so much back breaking weeding. been reading up but that's all the gardening i get to do for now.

  7. Nope, I haven't started. We never can be sure if it will snow one last time here. We got snow on July 4th once.
    But I really like your trellis! It looks like a good solution.

  8. I was hoping to have a raised garden this year, but I guess not now that hubby messed up his back. Yours looks great.

  9. So fancy! I don't garden, but my mom does so I like to reap what she sews. :) And I have so much admiration for people with green thumbs like you!

  10. How funny that you included a photo of Mr. Squirrel!! I was wondering if you have trouble with them and your amazing garden...
    I haven't planted last year, and so far this year, but maybe that could change...

  11. I am envious of your raised beds. My husband turned our garden into the compost pile last year, so I need to find a new spot to plant the crops this year.

  12. how clever :D

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    Good Luck

  13. These are fabulous!!! I'll be starting on the garden next week :))

  14. Hi Anita! I am stealing this idea for my cucumbers. I planted my first garden last year, and I think your idea is brilliant!

  15. Cucumber Trellis. Finally got around to making a trellis for the cucumbers. I wanted something bigger then last year but I didn't want to spend a ... cucumbertrellis.blogspot.com


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