FOLK magazine:
  a Review and a Giveaway

 I have mentioned FOLK magazine before.
It’s a wonderful, relatively new magazine that is focused on living a simple life.

Folk has really taken off and it is now going national this May.
They are about to release issue V and I had the opportunity to review it!


Yes, I got to flip through all of the gorgeous pages a little early.
You too can see a little preview yourself. Just go HERE.

Here is a little description from the folks at FOLK themselves:


Devoted to presenting a fresh and youthful interpretation of simple country lifestyles. We focus on the stories that make America our collective home sweet home. FOLK reaches across the many representations of American Country style to celebrate personal expression in our homes, businesses, and lives.

Folk has some contributors that you might recognize.

Funky Junk Interiors   inspired by charm  Fiona and Twig
Donna, Michael and soon to be, Anne.

FOLK brings me back in time a bit.
Reminds me to enjoy the simple things and not to sweat the small stuff.
Life is too short. Enjoy it now!

Some of the simple things that I love:
jars with fresh flowers, swinging on the hammock, key lime pie, working in my garden,
walks along the beach, time spent with family

And the best part is, FOLK would like to give away a subscription!

But of course if you can’t wait you can go HERE to buy a subscription or a single issue for yourself.
Also, Issue V will be on news stands in the middle of May.

If you would like to enter to win a subscription to FOLK here's what I’d like you to do.
1. Leave me a comment and tell me what simple ideas you love around your home.
for a second try,
              2. Like FOLK on facebook and tell them Hi for me. Then let me know that you did.

Feel free to spread the word!
We'll wrap it up at the end of the week. I'll randomly pick a winner late Friday night.

I think you will love the magazine as much as I do.

ps. Some of you just might recognize a few photos in Issue V.
I am soooo excited!




  1. I liked Folk Magazine on FB. Thanks for the offer!

  2. Simple ideas at my home are...working in the yard as a family and decorating our home with thrifty items. Thanks for the giveaway...sounds like a wonderful magazine.


  3. Liked them on facebook and left a comment. Hope you have a wonderful day Anita. Are we going to see you in this issue?


  4. thank you for the chance! my favorite simple idea: bringing the outdoors in, literally. i love to gather branches, or flowers, or leaves, or pinecones, depending on the season, and use them in my decor. it's festive and free!

  5. I have just moved into a teeny tiny apartment and try to unclutter as much as possible and decorate in a simple style, very light and clean. Your blog offers me a lot of inspiration! Folk magazine looks like a different kind of magazine from a lot of the decorating magazines out there. I want to start cooking more simple, clean food from scratch, made a wonderful strawberry cake for Easter and it was a success! After your mention of Key Lime Pie I may give that a try, it is the only kind of pie I like.

  6. My simple idea is to always grill extra or bake extra and keep items stocked in my freezer. I always have grilled chicken, cooked chicken to add to casseroles/enchiladas, ground beef/turkey so that I can whip up a meal with short notice or on our busy days. Crock pot meals are also awesome! I cook a whole package of brown rice and freeze 1 cup portions. I cook dry beans in a crockpot with ham bone and onion and freeze 1 cup portions of them to add to meals. Sweet potatoes will cook in the microwave in about 6 minutes per potato. We rarely eat out, because I always have multiple meals ready to go..

  7. A simple idea around the house is always decorating for the season or upcoming holiday. It adds an instant cheerful atmosphere to my house!

  8. I like FOLK magazine on Facebook and told them hi for you! (I tagged you in the post)

  9. Hi Anita,,, Folk sounds like a magazine
    for me.. I do live the simple life.. totally
    vegetarian, no dairy to speak of, no junk
    food of any kind, green cleaners for my
    home, no bug spray anywhere in my home or
    yard... the simple life is a way of life
    for me...
    Will look on the news stands this may for
    a copy but would love to win my very own.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Just liked them on FB and told them
    Anita sent me...

  11. What a great magazine! I would enjoy it...I know! I like to have lots of shelves in my home. Shelves for books and to display things! It keeps my home neat but I can still have lots of pretty things! Hugs!

  12. Ooooh, fun giveaway! One of the simple things I love to do is buy a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and split them up in mason jars and other tiny containers all over the house.

    :) Thanks for the chance Anita!

  13. I'd love to see a copy of Folk. And I can't wait to see your photos in it! One of the simple things I do around my house is to use blue canning jars for as many things as I can think of. Everything looks prettier in a blue canning jar!

  14. I like Folk on Facebook and just posted a "Hi"!!

  15. A simple idea I use around my home is that I have a collection of little old wire egg baskets hung above my sink.

  16. I already like them on facebook. They are actually how I found out about you :) I will leave a comment on their post. The simple things I do around my kitchen daily: bring in fresh herbs, chives, & flowers (when available) from my garden, even if just one stem in a vase, display 2 large wooden bowls of fresh fruit available to eat, and each morning I open my window to let fresh air in.

  17. I love anything in a blue Mason jar, working in my flower gardens, and my furbabies hanging around! Thanks for the giveaway....:-)

  18. I already follow Folk on Facebook and I'm heading over there now to leave a Howdy!

  19. I liked Folk on facebook.....our house is filled with Folk we collect old spice racks for our kitchen and we try to live simply and copy some of the things our Grandparents did...! Love the magazine

  20. I like to keep things simple and not too cluttered! Love nautical/Nantucket design!

  21. I already like FOLK on Facebook!

  22. I like to keep things simple and not too cluttered! Love nautical/Nantucket design!


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