Coastal Stripes and More Flowers

I have more plants to show you that I rescued from the half dead section.
I mean clearance section. I showed you the watering can pots here.

I could not find the picture of the plants when I first brought them home.

But they were you know, half dead.

Now they are not.


This whole plant assortment was already put together. It was just in a much smaller pot.

And part of it was brown-ish.

 I had these 2 cheap plastic terracotta colored pots and well, they needed something.

So I decided to stripe them.

striped pots

First I primed them both with a plastic primer.  I painted one all white and one all blue. 
Then I taped them off and reversed the colors.

Take off the tape and voila! Striped pots. 

The spray primer for plastics is right there with the rest of the spray paints. 
That way you can use whatever color you want.

striped pot3_edited-1

Gives them a coastal vibe I think

The croton in the back was on clearance but not half dead at all.
I guess they just wanted to get rid of them.

I added a sweet potato vine and a petunia. It’s just not blooming yet.

striped pot 2
I really like the bright green of the vine.

It give a nice bright glow even when there are no flowers.
 striped pot

These guys just needed a bigger pot and a little trim and they bounced right back.


I had someone watching me. He was on the inside of the screen. I hope he doesn’t end up in the pool. We’ve had a few casualties. But I’m not one to pick them up, I leave that for others. Unless their tiny.

Oh, I saw the teeniest lizard the other day. It was so cute. I wish I had my camera on me.


Anyway, now I have 2 more pots full of color for next to nothing really.

I need to get some new plants for my hanging baskets. I lost 2 of them.

I need something that likes the heat.

I will leave you with this shot of Henry.

henry flower

He was outside and came in with this plumbago bloom stuck to him like a bow!
Hmmmm, I wonder if he’s trying to tell me something. :)

see ya,



  1. Cute project, and I love the little puppy dog face!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. Oh my gosh, he's so cute!!

    You're so thoughtful to paint the pot. I would have been happy to have accomplished the replanting. Very cute & beachy.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party! I love those pots & i completely agree w/the cheerful color of a potato vine added to a pot! xoxo, Tracie

  4. Thank you..just given me an idea for my collection of odd garden pots..did start to paint them but gave up...feel inspired again to make a matching set
    Hugs x

  5. Anita, your flower pots look great. I was going to through out some of my terra cotta pots because they are looking nasty. I think I might be able to cutesify them up now (not sure if cutesify is even a word). I also wanted to tell you thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!

  6. P.S. That should be throw out not through in my last comment...hee hee!

  7. Oh, Henry looks cute! And that flower does look just like a bow, doesn't it? Your plants and pots look great...seems like you have the magic touch :)

  8. Hahaha...maybe Henry just likes flowers?
    Your striped pots do look very beachy Anita!!
    My sweet potato vine doesn't look near as nice as yours, and mine weren't ever half dead!
    Everything looks great!!

  9. those are adorable and beachy! what a difference a simple little makeover can have!

  10. Love the stripes. Great idea. Those lizards don't bother me for some reason. The ones in my house here are dark green and slimey looking. I hate them. Henry looks so cute!!!! Nice post.

  11. Totally beachy project, just adorable and love the color! Henry, what can this dog lover say, but...what a precious face!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    From: Desert Dreaming

  12. It's really amazing what you are doing with plants and also pots - beautiful!! And that photo of Henry is just too cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. These are so lovely and that last pic of your dog is too cute! I'm impressed that you can rescue half dead plants. I can barely keep healthy ones alive. I have to go to my mil's house for flower pics.

  14. Love the plumbago sticking to your doggy --- so cute!

    Happy Weekend and great flower pot!


  15. Oh the pots are great! Hmmm, you've just added another project to my mile-long list of projects. Henry is so handsome...even with the bow.

  16. Perfectly beachy! Glad the plants made it.

  17. How cute is Henry?!? I love your blog. I seem to come over and spend time browsing to enjoy the amount of colour and craft here. You satisfy my craving for brightness.

  18. first! henry! oh my gosh, isn't he a sweetie! :)
    I love all of your new planters, the spray painted ones and the watering cans!
    You've been busy! makes me feel like a slacker in the garden.
    have a great weekend,

  19. I thought I was the only one to buy the half off dead plants.. somehow I manage to bring them back to life...lol
    You did a great job with the spray paint on your pots and I love the color!

  20. I heart Henry! Those planters are adorable. May I forward you my address? :)

  21. I love your striped pots full of half dead/now thriving plants!
    I'm guessing Henry is a little bit metro-sexual. He just likes a little bit of pretty. ;) He's adorable.

  22. Your flower pot looks great with the stripes. Very beachy, I agree.

    What a sweet puppy and I love the little "bow".

  23. I always enjoy seeing Henry! Those pots are simply adorable Anita!~ You do have a green thumb.

  24. You already know how I feel about that Henry picture. He looks so girlishly handsome there. It reminds me of when I used to have tape bows on my girls' heads before they had hair.

    And I so love the combination of blue and white. It always brings me back to summers in Florida when I was a child, before we lived here. It reminds me of the blue and white awnings on all the little mom and pop hotels lining the beach.

  25. Cool idea for the pots - looks great!

  26. I think the pot's look great!!! you did a good job!

    And i like the little gekko, lizard thingy! ;-)

    I'm sure your mom will LOVE the pepper! haha


  27. Wow - the pots came out great. I love them. I am going to copy that look. Seems pretty simple...hope I can get the stripes straight like you!!! :)

  28. Henry is so cute! Thanks for sharing that pic of him, what a hoot.
    I've bought plants on clearance too, brought them home and proceeded to kill them all the way. lol, Maybe when I get my potting shed done I'll be better about repotting them.
    Love your striped planters and the arrangements are so pretty! My baskets are all looking very raggedy right now...

  29. I love the containers, very cool and the plants look so pretty in them. I lost a hanging basket already but so far my other containers are hanging in there.
    Looks like Henry is just getting in touch with his feminine side. :) It takes a real man to wear flowers. ;)

  30. Love the planters! Glad i found your blog...it's great! You can find me at http://gonecoastalinaustin.blogspot.com/.

  31. These are beautiful! Re-added your blog to our blog roll, stop by and enter our giveaway this week when you get a chance.


  32. I'm in total love with your striped pot! Wow, it is so perfectly beachy and the color looks wonderful with the green of the plants.

  33. Anita, Henry is so cute! I love the painted pots and your plants look really pretty. I buy healthy looking plants and within a week or two they are "half dead" and within a month they are completely dead. Black thumb here!

  34. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your comment on my striped pots ..yours look fab too!


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