Visiting Completely Coastal and Rescuing Some Flowers

Today I get to go on a little road trip.
I’ll be over at Completely Coastal visiting with Maya and showing off a few things.

So come by and say HI!

Completely Coastal is filled with coastal inspiration and lots of great places to shop.
A one stop shop so to speak. You’ll love it there.

I've been spending a lot of time outside lately. Before it gets too dreadfully hot to go out there. I have been battling with the mosquitoes though. They are extra tough this year. Fleas also seem to be horrible. Is anyone having problems with them even though your pet is on meds? Ugh, hate it!

Anyway, I got a few new plants for the patio around the pool that I found on clearance at Lowes. Even plants go on clearance. You just have to catch them before they are totally fried. 
Some can be saved, some can not.

watering cans

I came across these 2 watering cans. They were left over from Mother’s Day I think.
I picked out the 2 best ones. Each container originally had 3 plants in it. 
One was dead. The other 2 needed a little TLC.

I really didn’t want a pink can. It was cute but not the right color for the patio.
But I could change that.

blue can


The pot slipped out and I removed the fabric.
Then I painted the watering can in Peekaboo Blue by Krylon which I used here also.

blue can2

I trimmed off all the dead parts and just watered it.
It filled out nicely.

yellow can_edited-1

I liked the yellow can so I left that one.
I added a white petunia to this one. It’s a little slower coming around.
But it will.

I need to trim off the ends so that it fills out more in the center.
It’s hard to cut off the flowers but it really helps the plant in the long run.
Tough love.

yellow can2

They ended up being 1.80 each. The petunia was .99 and the paint I had.
I got 2 nice pops of color for the patio for under 5.00.
I think that was worth it.

I have some more rescued plants I’ll show you soon.
Have you checked out the clearance section for plants?

Now zip on over to Completely Coastal and see what I’m up to over there!

see ya,



  1. i would smile every time i looked at those- they just make me happy! great rescue!

  2. It's smilies in a watering can! Love the idea of using them as planters.

  3. I love those sunny colors, especially the blue. Blue and Florida just go together.

    And I'm so glad you said that about the fleas! Usually, I can go every other month with the flea medicine. But this month, I'm wondering if it will hurt them if I give it to them twice monthly. They are itching fiends! It's ridiculous.

  4. I agree .. I hate to cut off blooming flowers! Lovely job with the cans. Now off to completely coastal!

  5. My favorite? The blue can! They're both great, but pink flowers in an aqua blue watering can? Instant pretty!

  6. The colors are so wonderful..they cry out "summer"! Love them.

  7. I would never have thought to use a watering can as a planter. See why I love your blog. You give me hope in the idea world!!

  8. How beautiful - and such a great idea! I love them both and can't choose! :-) Glad I don't have to ;-)

  9. The watering cans make perfect flower pots!! Love the colors. No mosquitoes here! I'm so glad. It's always windy, maybe that's why.
    Thanks so much for the mention here!!!

  10. Wow, you have quite a green thumb, those plants look good as new. And the blue watering can is perfect.

  11. This is such a cute idea!
    And the fleas and mosquitoes are sooo bad, I was watching my chickens outside earlier, I look down and I kid you not, I had 40+ mosquitoes on my legs! It was time to go inside!

  12. Isn't it great to know that with a coat of paint and some TLC....almost everything can be changed, good job....ox

  13. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing

  14. I swear I would walk into your house/yard and my mouth would be agape the entire time...and then, I'd ask, "Where'd you get this? How 'bout this? Can I have this?"
    Ok, going to check out your guestpost!

  15. I'm dog sitting this week and thus have been left in charge of watering the plants and now have much more respect for people who keep such things alive!

  16. Now I'm torn. Do I run over to Lowe's first or Completely Coastal???????
    If you tell me where the clearance rack is, I can take my phone and look at the blog while I look for the clearance rack....

  17. Oh Anita these are GORGEOUS....I LOVE the powder blue makeover & your plants look LOVELY....!!

    THANKS for your note Lovey....I'm pretty CHUFFED to have my own space....!!!!!

    I hope you've been having a FANTASTIC week my Friend....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah xx

  18. love the water buckets! i normaly use them for watering the plants! haha! but this looks good too!


  19. What a wonderful transformation and for almost nothing. Props to you!

  20. What a great deal! The plants looks so nice planted in the watering cans.

  21. Cute idea for the watering cans. Yep, fleas are horrible here too. I usually put flea meds on Gibbs once every three months but have had to do it every month since May. Think it's from our very hot/no rain spring. I hate fleas...


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