Spray Paint to the Rescue

We’ve had quite a few windy days lately so spray painting has been a challenge. I bought some spray paint for a pair of lamps for my bedroom but it wasn’t quite right. So, I used it on this outside bench. It’s almost the color of our pool. Well, when it’s clean.

It’s a shade by Rustoleum which has slipped my mind right now. If you want to know the name, just let me know, I’ll find it.


I started out with some tired pieces that were starting to rust. I took a wire brush and scrubbed off as much of the rust as I could and then wiped them down. No primer, just went right to the paint on these. Since they are outside I wasn’t getting real fussy with them.
bench3   table

I brightened up this little table just by using some white to match the grout lines.

This old chair got sprayed last year. It’s a pretty comfy chair. I need to make some new cushion covers with all that fabric I still have. Can you see that wire shelf behind the chair? It might be my next victim. I just bought a can of yellow that needs to be used.

I took that same shade on the arms of the chair and sprayed this oval planter. I love the curvy legs on it. I used Krylon’s Peekaboo Blue.


These lantanas are actually going in one of my new flower beds. I still need to get some new annuals for all my stands and planters.


I will take more pictures of the whole area when it’s all cleaned up. Waiting on the pollen to finish up before we power wash the decking and screen.

I’m still working on those lamps for the bedroom. Here’s my starting point. I’m giving Spa Blue a try. I’m not crazy with the way the paint was coming out of the can. I’ll let you know how it turns out. The gloss paint is almost leaving a texture. Anyone know why?


So, have you been doing any painting lately?

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  1. I have two cans of white spray paint to freshen up our wicker love seat when we move. We'll see how that goes!! haha.

  2. I have been making surfaces to use for a few new projects I am working on and when the weather cooperates I have been painting like mad. Too cold most of this week to get the second and third coats on tongue and groove I have in the barn right now but eventually it will warm up... I assume!

    I would love to know the color of that turquoise spray paint! I love how it completely transformed that piece in to a very chic piece. Gorgeous!

  3. Love all your paint transformations! What would we do without spray paint?
    Have a great weekend!

  4. What hot color this season I am seeing. So many variations of blue, which I love...that is my fav color. Thanks so much for joining the party...you really are inspiring me too..to get moving. LOL..I have so many projects going on right now, my head is spinning.

  5. I love all the color. It sounds like you have a great backyard area for all of that fun furniture!!
    I haven't done any painting lately...too cold and windy for any spray painting.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. The white looks so good with the green tile and white grout. I love the plant stand too. It actually all looks so good and fresh. Paint is not my friend right now. I am sad about the paint I ordered. I will have to tell you why. We need a pic of then entire pool area when you get it all ready.

  7. I think spray paint can save the world! You've brought life back to those pieces. they look great!

  8. Love me some spray paint...it always come in handy with makeovers...love that planter!!!


  9. Those pops of color are fun in your yard, Anita! I think when the weather gets a bit better here I'm going to try a lavender potting bench. You were the inspiration for that!

  10. I did try some spray painting last week, but like you said, very challenging because of the wind so I am painting inside for now.

  11. Spray paint is the only way I usually paint. I don't make AS much of a mess. These pieces look so bright and cheerful now!

  12. You can tell Spring is in the air, because so many of us are getting our outdoor living spaces spruced up. Love all the colors you've chosen, spray paint can do wonders on sad looking pieces.

    Well, I've been spray painting like crazy also, but my problem hasn't been the wind. I'm working on my driftshell frames and I have to get a bunch painted before the humidity hits here in Florida.

    I bought Krylon's Periwinkle Blue with a Satin finish and Totally Tangerine in a Glossy finish. They both did the same thing as yours — left a slightly textured finish. I'm going to do a light sanding and apply another coat today and see what happens. Both cans say "exceptionally smooth" so we'l see what happens.

  13. Love both of the blues. Perfect for outdoors! I'm itching to get outside and start prettying up the place. You are so lucky it's warm there!

  14. nice facelifts! great color!

  15. Those are some good transformations Anita. I love that planter and the tile top table. I was thinking of Pam at House of Hawthornes as I was reading this, she would love the turquoise color of that first table.

  16. Spray paint is the way to go with metal and outdoor furniture. Love the turquoise table and the plant stands. You have a cozy backyard.

    I get a can, now and then, where the paint seems to do the spitting or texture thing too. Not sure why. Think it could be the nozzle. Hope you're able to make it work!

  17. Man, do I just lOVE the peekaboo blue spray paint - and spray paint in general. We're going to be painting some old flower pots this weekend. I really need to get my old outdoor tables spruced up a bit...thanks for the motivation :O)

  18. Everything GOT HAPPIER with the paint colors! LOVE your flowers too! We still have the 'white stuff' here. So the calendar and the weather are not matching up for spring. I'm working inside today!

    Have fun with the lamps! Can't wait to see them!


  19. Everything looks so bright and cheerful. Love the peekaboo blue! It was windy here this week and has rained all day today.I am sooo far behind on my outside work!

  20. Love what you did with the paint! I especially love the little table you sprayed white-just beautiful!

  21. it was perfect for that little table! it is so summery and fun!

  22. Great choice of color! You have been busy.

  23. Love your color choice! I have an old wire manikin form that I've been wanting to paint.... so now I think you've inspired me to get some krylon spray paint to get the job done much easier.

  24. Love the color and they all look like new!! I have a metal table that needs some color so hopefully when the weather gets warmer I can do that. I was busy painting more things this weekend as well!! :)
    Can't wait to see the lamp.

  25. Gloss paint leaving a texture? hmm, that's a new one on me. Were the lamps washed first?
    All the new pops of color look great. I love any shade of blue. :)
    It was warm here for a couple of days, but now.... brrrr its cold!

  26. I love the plant stand! Pretty color. I can't wait for spray paint season to get here.

    Sometimes if it's too hot or too cold, I'll get a weird texture. I gave up on Krylon awhile ago. They have some nice colors, but it spits too much for me.

  27. Gorgeous! Love the color choices. I am sooo jealous, it is 17 degrees outside:( I still have snow in the backyard!!

  28. I wanted to join up but didn't have the time to complete my project. Your tables came out great. Love the aqua blue.

  29. Those pieces look a lot more lively now, Anita. That tile table is just adorable. I can't help you on your paint problem, I just painted two brass lamps ORB and I love how they came out--they don't look very "coastal" though ;). Hugs, Kim

  30. You got a lot accomplished. Love the spray.
    I really like that little white/green table, so fresh for spring.
    I agree with Suzanne, I had that happen once and I think it may have something to do with the temp.
    I know. Why don’t you email the company and ask them, and then you can let us all know! Smooch!

  31. Love the peekaboo blue piece. So pretty. How I long for spring. In my neck of the woods it's spring on the calendar but feels more like late fall.

  32. Hi, It's my first time to your blog! Love it!
    Something that I always do before spray painting anything metal is to clean it super good with vinegar, then rub it down with steel wool & then do another final rinse with hot water. Make sure it is completely dry before painting.
    Sometimes there is airborn grease, hand oils, lotion & etc on the metal that you can't actually see but it makes a difference on how the paint adheres.
    Thanks for sharing! Have Fun!


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