Yard Work

So we have switched gears around here lately. What else is new? Let's just start another project shall we?  But this is something that had to get done sooner rather then later. This back area has been a mess ever since we put in the bathroom. This is where they dug for the plumbing.

Remember this mess? Let us not forget Johnny. It was filled in but the sand was still being dragged into the house all the time.There was grass under the camellia bushes so we dug that all out. Why is there always grass where you don't want it?

 I will now have have a spot to add some annuals to brighten up and help camouflage all the pool equipment. We have only started on the sod. It's a long way from being finished but already it's looking better. It's still a bit dormant but fingers crossed it doesn't die. I had to wack back those camellias pretty hard due to a lot of scale but they didn't seem to suffer from the wielding of my nippers.


We have been over run by crazy squirrels who seem to like to nest in the oaks. Their nests look like a big ball of leaves.

I thought I'd show Lynn @ Blue Skies. She had a nest of a different kind take up a spot in the most unusual place. You can see it here. She was able to keep her nest. Me, not so much. If you have not been over to Lynn's you should go. She is so funny and she always makes me smile. Always. So go and tell her I said hi.

It was a gorgeous day. I actually worked up a sweat today and had to put on shorts. My legs are so pasty. I guess this means I need to shave above the knees now.

Hope you are having good weather. Are you getting your yards in shape yet?

see ya,

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  1. oh good for you! :) we're in the planning stages, but haven't put shovel to dirt as of yet. can't wait though!

  2. OMWord, shave below the knees? LOL! You had me laughing at that one.

  3. i don't think i ever saw a squirrels nest gosh didn't even realize they built nest in trees...where have i been!!!

  4. It looks gorgeous! Has me dreaming of the day the snow finally melts and I can see the grass again.

  5. I will do some yard work this week hopefully. It's never ending huh? We have some patches in our backyard that just won't take grass seed or sod. It alwasy dies. Drives me crazy. Yours looks good.

  6. Glad you are getting nicer weather. I never knew squirrels had nests. Save yourself some effort and buy longer shorts lol.

    Lisa x

  7. So that's what a squirrels nest looks like. You learn something new everyday. How old am I?

    Jeff and I worked in the yard all weekend. Little green shoots are coming up but the grass is still very brown.

    Shaving above the knee...LOL!

  8. Wonderful work. That is the first time I have ever seen a squirrels nest.

  9. Oh I don't even want to think about our yard! There is still snow covering ours. Ugh! I love your landscaping!
    I really don't like shaving above my knees!! LOL!


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