Lavender Sachets

Hi everyone. I have been doing a bit of sewing. Nothing complicated. I stitched up some lavender sachets last night. It was very easy to do. They smell wonderful. They are nice to stick in your drawers. Your dresser drawers that is. Especially with your pj’s.


I have been wanting to try printing on fabric with my printer. So I ironed some freezer paper onto some white cotton fabric in the in the size of a sheet of printer paper. I found a botanical image online and printed it out on paper to see how I liked it. I figured I could get 2 prints on one sheet. Only the first time I printed it on the fabric I forgot to rotate the image and I got 2 smaller images.


So I printed it out again for the larger image and then worked with both. For the smaller image I frayed the edge and found this iron on stuff in my stash. I had no idea if it would work because it was pretty darn old. But it did! I first ironed it on to the printed fabric, peeled off the backing paper and then ironed it onto the blue ticking.  I used the solid white fabric for the back.


I pinned the front and back together inside out. The larger image got the blue ticking for the back.

Stitched around all 4 sides but left about a 2” opening on the bottom. Trim off the 4 corners but don’t cut your stitches.  Turn them right side out. I used a wooden skewer to push out the corners.


I made a cone out of some junk mail so I could insert the lavender buds into the little bags.


Then I hand stitched the little opening closed. That’s it!


They came out pretty darn cute.


You have to decide on whether you want to use your printer with fabric. I didn’t have any problems. I used my rotary cutter to get a cleaner edge to minimize the frayed edges. I think I’ll be doing it again. I like the way the images comes out.


Have you printed on fabric before? The freezer paper made it really easy. I used freezer paper for another project too. I will show you that soon.

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  1. Goodness, those are so precious ~ I just love them!!

  2. Yep, I've printed on fabric. Love it!
    These little sachets are too cute! I love the blue ticking!

  3. those are sooo pretty! i lvoe the smell of lavender, too- so soft and soothing. and it makes me think of summer.

  4. wait.. I've never heard of this before. You used the freezer paper as a stiff backing to print on regular white fabric? It wasn't the special printable fabric you can print on and then iron?

  5. Those are so sweet Anita! I love the print that you chose. I have not yet printed on fabric yet but once I get my printer going again it is something that I would love to try. I have a lavender sachet that when I get stressed, I just sit there and smell it!! :)

  6. I LOVE these, Anita!!! They are so nice! I've never used freezer paper for anything!! What is it??? The kind they wrap your fish in at the market???

    So you printed on the freezer paper and then ironed the print onto the fabric???

    I LOVE lavender and managed to salvage the big bag I have down in my studio - after our recent flood down there this week!


  7. Love the sachets Anita. Very pretty. I have printed on fabric a couple of times. I just put drill cotton taped to a piece of A4 paper through the inkjet. It worked a charm.


  8. Those are lovely, Anita! I LOVE lavender. I have some growing in the garden right now and the scent is heavnely.

  9. These are really pretty, Anita! I like the graphic that you used. MMMMmmm Lavender! I could use it in this house. I tried to print on fabric using cardstock and spray on adhesive. It didn't work but I think our ink jet printer isn't a very good one. I'll have to try the freezer paper method. Thanks for sharing the idea! Love them! :)

  10. Oh I love this idea Anita! I've never tried printing on fabric before...freezer paper, huh? I'll have to give it a try. Your sachets look great, I bet they smell wonderful too :)


  11. Anita, those are so cute. No, I haven't printed on fabric. I can't even figure out how to print correctly on paper. I tried printing images from the graphics fairy and the images come out purple instead of tan with black print. I will figure it out some day.

  12. so cool! i didn't know you could print on fabric like that! they turned out so cute and i bet they smell amazing!!

  13. Those turned out so cute! I have never tried printing on fabric. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.I'm sure the lavender smells devine.

  14. Oh I can smell them from here. What a great idea. Easy enough too..I just love lavender. Thanks Anita for your sweet comments...YES my son hit all the bad weather heading down. I was sick to my tummy all day til he got there. Oh and thanks for sharing in the coffee chat...I really thought it was neat and enjoyed learning more about your gals!

  15. mmm, they must smell wonderful. and they look so pretty too!

  16. What a beautiful idea!

    I printed onto transfer paper and then onto a shower curtain and then to cotton to stitch to a set of towels a few years ago. It was a lot of work, but so much fun.

  17. Super fab.. makes me want to learn all about my sewing machine that just sits and collects dust for the most part.

  18. Wow~I didn't know you could do that with freezer paper! Your sachets are really cute.

  19. Oh, these are sooo cute! I haven't tried printing on this stuff yet, but I want to. Where did you get your lavender?

  20. This is what I have been wanting to try too. Every project I see with printing on fabric, I fall in love with! I can't decide which one I like better, they are both so adorable. I love how soft the print looks. This also reminds me that I made some lavender sugar in the Fall. I need to use it.

  21. Love how those turned out, so cute. I love the graphic, where did you find that? And where do you get your lavender?

  22. Wow - these came out great. I think they would make wonderful gifts. You did a great job. Lovely!!!

  23. Hi Anita~ These are darling and I bet they smell absolutely wonderful!! I love how sweet they are- I haven't tried that paper but it looks like it worked well! Great job- Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  24. PRETTY DARN CUTE alright Anita....Your tutes have inspired me to spend some time crafting tomorrow....No PROIMSES mind but I AM INSPIRED.... :o) !!

    I think these would make a FABULOUS giveaway....hahahahaha....JUST sayin'....**wink**....!!!!!

    Cheers for now from the CHEEKY BUGGER 'Down Under',
    Tamarah :o)


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