1000 Cranes for Japan

When I saw all of the muses from Mortal Muses making beautiful cranes I knew I wanted to make one too. Damiec is a contributor to flickr and she started a group in hopes of gathering 1000 cranes for Japan. You can visit Damiec's flickr group and see all the beautiful cranes that people have made for Japan.  She explains it a little more too. The people in Japan have gone through such tragedy and heart break. We all want to do something. Perhaps you'd like to add to the group as well.  So many people from all over the world joining together to show their support for Japan. I love this idea so I thought I'd join along.

In Japan, the tradition of folding 1,000 cranes is done when someone has a wish, be it for peace, health or luck.

my coastal crane

my first time doing a mouseover. hold your mouse over the picture to see my before shot.
textures by Kim Klassen

 mosaic by 7 of the muses of Mortal Muses
and Damiec
Aren't they all beautiful? Makes me want to get some pretty paper and make more.

see ya,


  1. I looooovvvvveeee that photo. How did you get the all white background? I recognize the tea stain texture. Looks good. Also I gotta know how you learned to d the mouseover. I wanna do one!

  2. I love your costal crane, it's perfect, and perfectly you. The texture work is great also.
    YaY! for the mouse over! great job.
    Thanks for sharing the love for the 1000 Cranes for Japan project.

  3. Love your coastal crane and the shot. Your shots are so professional. You go girl!

  4. Love your crane and the photo is gorgeous! What a great idea, I am off to go see some more! :)

  5. this is a wonderful post- i love that tradition.

  6. You are so talented. I still want to hire you someday! Come on Lotto!

  7. I've never made a crane, but I think I'll have to~yours is really cool. Very coastal.

  8. that is so sweet.....the mouseover and the tradition. God Bless Japan.


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