Family Room Curtains

I finally, FINALLY, finished the panels for the family room. I still need a few more curtain rings so the panels on the smaller windows will hang better. But other then that I am calling this one completed. Finito. Done.


The large front window took two full drop cloths. I think I used 6x9. It’s been awhile since I bought them so I can’t be for sure. Well, I could if I measured them but lets just say their 6x9.


On either side of the fireplace I have 2 smaller windows. I took one drop cloth and cut it down the middle to make 2 panels for each one. So I used 4 drop cloths total. I was going to cut them and just leave the raw edge and sort of try to hide it but it frays a lot so I just did a quick seam.


First I ironed the edge to make the sewing faster. Isn’t my new ironing board cover cute? I found it at TJ Maxx. I don’t even iron much but when I do it will much more pleasant now. I love the fabric.


You can see here where I need more rings. I hope Lowes has some left. It would be my luck they don’t carry them anymore.

The ribbon I found on clearance at Michaels. It from Martha Stewart’s line. One thing I noticed was there was a lot of ribbon on the spool so it might cost more but you get more. I think it was on clearance for less then $2 a spool. I used the iron on tape for the ribbon.

My yard is starting to bloom and this is what I’m seeing out my front window. I will get better shots outside tomorrow.


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It’s been gorgeous here. I hope it continues since it’s spring break for my kids this coming week.

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  1. Those are great Anita...you are so talented!

  2. Your curtains look really really good. I bet it feels good to be done. Was it hard to cut them straight down the middle?

  3. Wow - you did a really nice job. They came out great. I wish I could pull something like that off!! And nice view outside. It was a gorgeous day in South Florida. So nice to enjoy the outdoors.

  4. Anita! Those curtains are the bomb! LOVE THEM! The stripe is a classy touch! I'm going to swap this photo of them, too, for my new house file. Eeek!

    That is the picture outside your window?....glory be!!!! It's gorgeous where you live! Oh and the sun was out here yesterday and today. I'm thinking maybe we need to live in the south. It has been the darkest winter up here!!!!

    Have a great night,

  5. Anita, they look so good with the ribbon trim. I just love using drop cloths for drapes.

  6. They look fabulous. Love the ribbon trim. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  7. Cute, cute, adorably cute!!! Well done, Anita :O) Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  8. HI Anita

    The curtains are lovely. Very beachy indeed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower.

    Best wishes

  9. Your curtains are beautiful, Anita! The trim is perfect. You did a fabulous job.

  10. Anita,
    These look so good...love that ribbon that you used. I have not made any drop cloth drapes yet...think I just might make some for my cottage after my daughter moves out in July. Hope y'all have a wonderful spring break week.


  11. Hi Anita,
    I love the ribbon, good idea, thanks!

  12. Anita, those look great. You just gave me an idea for my sliders if they don't provide me with a vertical blind. Thanks!!

  13. so happy for you that you finally got them done! really great job.. love your choice of ribbon! :)

  14. Great job, Anita. Love that ribbon detail! :)

  15. Good Morning, Anita!

    OMGosh... I love these! The ribbon adds just the right pop of color and interest! Good job! They look great! Beautiful view, too!

  16. I love it! That striped ribbon just makes them so classy looking. I have drop cloth curtains in my living room and now they look boring. I'll be on the lookout for some pretty ribbon now. I'm with Kolein; your view is awfully pretty. She and I live just an hour apart so are experiencing the same weather.

  17. I love them Anita!! That ribbon you chose was perfect. Oh your view is beautiful! I can't wait until out trees start to bloom!
    Love the ironing board cover! :)

  18. Those curtains turned out great Anita. I like the addition of the ribbon too. That is quite the beautiful view outside of your window. The snow is almost gone here and I can see my brown smashed grass in the yard...I'm pretty happy about that ;)

  19. Drop cloths? Amazing. And I love the view out your window.

  20. That ribbon adds just the right amount of polish~they really look great! And now I want some drop cloth curtains.

  21. Pretty curtains and ironing board cover! (Mine is looking a bit tired...I'll have to check TJ's.) Thanks for linking with air your laundry Friday!


  22. Love them!! You are so creative!

  23. i adore the addition of the ribbon to your dropcloth curtains, so so cute.
    And wow do you have a gorgeous view out the front!

  24. Great job, Anita! Drop cloth curtains are fabulous ... and, love how you added the ribbon, too. They truly look wonderful! *Becca* (your newest follower)

  25. These are so charming Anita~ Love them and the ribbon accent is perfect! :)

  26. Love these Anita!! The ribbon is the perfect little accent too!! :)

  27. Wow, adorable! I'm in the process of making curtain panels and I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.


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