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We are still working on the yard around here. The dogwoods are looking beautiful and the azaleas are beginning to bloom. I just want to keep the color going because I know these spring bloomers won’t last long. Well, some of the azaleas do repeat bloom around here. They are mostly out front so I only see them when I’m coming or going.



The perfect shade of creamy white.

It was not easy to get a shot of this fat little guy buzzing around me.


I am still dreaming of drifts of flowers along the back fence. Flowers to cut and bring inside. Flowers to brighten the yard. Flowers like these.

image I’ll take the white picket fence too 

image No idea who’s yard this is, found it on pinterest. I just love arbors.

These next few shots I found at a site called Secret Garden Landscaping. Is this not the happiest looking garden you ever saw? That roof looks like it's planted.


I love those yellow chairs. Looks like I need to get out more of that yellow paint. Something is going yellow real soon.

We have never lived in a house long enough to get that established garden look. That doesn’t happen over night. I try to find fast growers and long lasting color. I prefer perennials but annuals give you color faster. So I’ll use both. Fill in with some large rocks and some worn rustic pieces, maybe add some large pots too for different heights. I can’t wait to get some color going in the back yard! Who's up for some dirt digging? This is going to be a big job.

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  1. OH how beautiful! I can't wait for our weather to cooperate...70 last week and snowing today, the poor planties have no idea who to be or what to do!

    I am ALL about painting something yellow! How cheerful!

  2. I'm in, Anita! I'll dig dirt if you let me sit in a newly painted yellow chair. I've been looking for a blue hydrangea. The only ones I've seen out yet are pink and white ones. (Oh, and I'll take the white picket fence too, thank you very much!)

  3. Gorgeous Anita!! I want Spring to spring already!!!! We are supposed to have MORE snow again!!! We have the craziest weather going on... Bring on the Sunshine!! Love the yellow too btw... so pretty!

  4. Those photos are gorgeous. I'm ankle deep in snow right now and have TOTALLY forgotten what the sun is like, what grass feels like in between my toes and sometimes it seems like those garden settings will never show themselves up north here. But YOU Anita, have given me hope.

    My 7yo would LOVE to help you dig in the dirt...after he's done cleaning your windows, of course!


  5. Those pictures make me want to jump through them into the gardens. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Oh, I want to live in that little cottage!

  7. Looking forward to the outcome. That creamy white flower is so pretty. Great shot! I can almost smell it thru the screen. Love the bokeh too!

  8. I love your dogwood's. They are a precious tree. I was in the mood for yellow too and bought a cloth "yellow" purse today at Kohl's. Go yellow!

  9. you have a dogwood and azaleas? lucky you, two of my favs. I've planted azaleas at four different houses. no luck. I've given up on them.
    Those other gardens are lovely too. And that trellis? I just sold one in my yard sale pretty much just like that. For $7. Yes, you should come to my yard sales. I price things to sell!
    I love that third photo & the dreamy bokeh.

  10. beautiful pictures!!!! i want my flowers to bloom! we have a camellia in bloom, and a couple daffodils, but that's all for now.

  11. so pretty! we just had a big spring snow storm so these pictures of spring blooming were just what i needed!


  12. Your dogwoods and azaleas are beautiful, Anita! I am wanting to get out and garden but we have had 11 straight days of rain. That cottage is so cheerful and I love the lavender potting bench and yellow chair. How fun! I'd like a cottage like that! Maybe one day...

  13. Anita, I love this post!!! Your photos are just gorgeous! I love that arbor picture you found online-just gorgeous!!

  14. Anita,
    Your flowers look soooo pretty. I'm going to shock you with this one...I'm (we) are digging up all of our Azaleas...they don't bloom!!!! We have lived in this house for 15 years and all we ever get is about 5-10 blooms...we cut them back at the correct time of year...we fertilize them and still nothing:( These are located outside our kitchen and breakfast room...I'm looking forward to planting some plants that I can enjoy...should have done this years ago. I live in a city that is known for our AZALEAS...just my luck.


  15. Look at your pretty pictures! You got some nice bokeh cookin' there.

    I wish I could come and help you garden, I'd be thrilled to get out of this cold and snow!


  16. I really want those hydrangeas! With or without the fence.

    Gorgeous pictures, Anita. I hope I'll be able to work in our yard soon.

  17. I'm with you on the yellow chairs! I'll dig the dirt for a dip in the pool. Deal? Your photos and flowers are so beautiful! What's not to love?!! We are just beginning to see signs of tulips starting to bloom.

  18. Your images are all so pretty Anita. I believe you are further along than we are here. The dogwoods are just starting to open. The cherries are beginning to fade, sniff.

  19. What an amazing post! Your flowers are just beautiful! All the images are gorgeous. Happy Spring!

  20. Your photos are gorgeous Anita!! I can't wait until our flowers start to bloom. Although our yard and gardens need ALOT of work!! I love the inspirations that you have and can't wait to see what you are doing. Love the yellow!

  21. Love the arbor and those yellow chairs. Such a cozy little area to lounge while enjoying the pretty flowers. Aaahhhh to dream - I'll just keep on dreaming of a place like that.

  22. Love the second and third shots. Beautiful.

  23. I love that dogwood. Dogwoods are on my mind and my last three post included them in some way. Your little cottage image is adorable. Visiting from Flora Thursdays.

  24. I have a lil cottage garden like the one above that is begging for yellow chairs!!! And that's my plan for the whole weekend....weeding and planting. hmmmmmm, kinda wish I hadn't gotten that manicure yesterday!! Oh well.....priorities!! Will send ya a pic on Monday!!

  25. Great photos! I have no knack for gardening what-so-ever.. Only this year am I starting my first ever, and it's a vegetable garden rather than flowers. Maybe if I manage to not kill these tomato plants I'll be more bold next year! I'd love to get some color into the yard.

  26. I'm loving all the flowers and the garden pics are all beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. Can't wait for our newest snow to melt again!

  27. Such a pretty garden post! Love those white flowering dogwoods - i moved mine late winter - hoping they will make it. I've had them for four years and they've never bloomed (thinking they had too much sunshine?) hoping the backyard shaded area might be better! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's & really looking forward to so many more garden posts from you - looks like you've got lots to share! xoox, Tracie

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