Curb Shopping

Last week went by way too fast.

I had company come in to town and they are looking for a house here.
So we did some driving around. And as luck would have it we spotted something at the curb.


I never find anything good on the curb around here.

Were they really throwing it out? It seemed just fine to me.

We were unsure so I went up to the door to ask. No answer.
So we drove around some more and went back.
Again no answer.

We couldn’t fit it in her car so we decided to wait and come back with hubby’s truck.

You see, there was also this.


A very cool table.

So, later that night hubby and I went back.

Hubby went to the door.
Still no answer.

He’s like, I don’t think it’s trash.

I’m all, it’s on the curb with the yard waste. Of course it’s trash.

After driving around a bit more and after one more knock on the door we took them.
Then we ran them home really fast.

They weighted a ton!

There is a little bit of rot on the back leg so I am sure it was trash.

And no police have showed up at the door.

I’ll work on that back leg to level it out a bit.
See the stick? I need to replace that.


I have been looking for a garden bench and I think this works out perfectly.

I haven’t finished clearing out the planter bed but it will be all mulch where it sits now.
It’s just a little too hot to be clearing it out now.

They look like they had some sort of high gloss on it at some point.

Or paint. You can see it on the table legs. 

What do you think I should do with them?
Paint? Stain? Clear coat?

henry garden

Henry looks like he’s guarding my garden.

Actually he’s eyeballing the mailman.

That’s not what I want you to look at though.

See that little plant to the right? In front of the purple salvia?
That’s my tiny key lime tree.

And guess what I have?


Baby key limes!

I didn’t think that I would get limes until it was bigger. 

The bees are always all over the salvia so I think they did their job with the lime blossoms.

I see margaritas and key lime pie in the future.

Let me know what you think I should do with the bench and table.

I’d love to hear some ideas.

Would you have picked them up?

see ya,



  1. Love the bench and the table. What a fabulous find. Hugs, Marty

  2. I say just seal it with a poly or something. About the unevenness -- just take a little off of the other 3 legs! hahaha
    great find!
    way to go with your little tree!

  3. what cool finds of course i would have picked them up...

  4. I am so jealous! Not just about the fabulous bench and table (WOW!), but a key lime!! I have tried and tried to grow them here and I always fail. What is your secret? Will you bring it in in the winter? Seriously, I am absolutely green with envy over that little key lime.

    It sounds like you had a good week!

  5. Great finds, Anita! I don't know what I'd do to them, I'd have to ponder it awhile. I'm super jealous over those little key limes. I would love to have fruit trees.

  6. Great curbside find!! The bench looks wonderful in your backyard.

  7. awesome finds! you know me... i would paint them. :) i would love them in a simple glossy white.

  8. Hey, I have been looking all over for my table and bench. I can't believe somebody stole them from in front of my house!!! LOL Just kidding - great story. I would have taken them too. NICE find!!!

  9. What a great find! I'd have done what you did too. That is one cool bench. Good for you!

  10. Fabulous finds...wish I had that kind of luck!!! And I must say your baby key limes are so cute...and that margarita sound pretty good as well.

    Desert Dreaming

  11. I say leave them as they are. I like the natural look. How fun that you have key limes and I am always up for a Henry pic.

  12. Of COURSE I would pick them up! What a great find. I love that rustic adirondack furniture style. I would probably use a stain on them, you can get great colors in deck stains.
    Paint eventually will peel where a stain will just fade.
    Oh, and can you make my margarita a frozen one with strawberries too and no salt on the rim?
    Henry looks like a wonderful guard dog. :)

  13. I can't believe someone left that out as trash! Unorthodox BUT I think it would look great painted a super high gloss color - periwinkle, sea foam green, or even white(!!).

  14. Well, The bench looks wonderful in your backyard. Your blog is full of nature look. Very amazing photographs you shared with us.

  15. Surely no one was decorating curb side. What a steal! (And I mean that figuratively :)

    They look great in your garden just the way they are. Just seal them and let them blend with their beautiful surroundings.

    yea for the for the key limes! Lemon meringue and key lime pies are my favorites! Actually, just about any pie is my favorite (except rhubarb)!

    HAve a great week. Tammy

  16. Let the pretty aged wood come thru - just sand and seal or lightly stain...in a coastal garden, leaving it rustic or like driftwood is more in line IMHO...

  17. Hi Anita! Awesome finds! I would paint them! And the limes! I'm so jealous! Can I come for pie and margaritas? I just started blogging and would love if you stopped by to visit!

  18. I will be looking for you on the evening news. :) Just kidding. Great find and I say let the wood show, I think it is beautiful. How cute are those little limes! I love it and will be coming down for those margaritas! :)

  19. Heck yeah, I'd have picked them up! I saw some gray stain in a spray can not too long ago~I think I'd sand the shiny stuff off, and hit them with that. Because I love the weathered parts!

    Mmmm. LImes!

  20. I would have picked them up in a HEART beat. Actually, I have been known to do such dastardly deeds, much to the chagrin of my family......
    Paint, girl. You do know how to work wonders with paint!!!
    hug to Henry!

  21. What a great find Anita! I would have picked it up - that is, if I had the room for them on my tiny balcony ;-) And I think I wouldn't paint them - I love the weathered look they are having. And as to the limes - yay for the margaritas ;-) and please do share your key lime pie recipe...!

  22. Great finds, Anita! I would have done exactly what you did and picked them up. I love that rustic bench and think I would probably leave it just as it is. It has a lot of charm. Henry is a doll!

  23. HI Anita...I read all the comments and I totally agree...you gave them a new home and somewhere there is a happy husband not having to pick them up and move them one more time! I would sea them with some color!

  24. Totally, positively, absolutely I would have picked them up! How lucky are YOU!
    No paint .... love the weathered look ... treat 'em with something to retain that look!

  25. Anita! you thieving thrifter! I love your post today....the recounting of your adventure was humorous ... just what I needed tonight! I sure hope it was a throw-away....for your sake! What a fabulous find! If it was mine...I would keep the natural look as the design lends itself to it I think....but seal it with a clear coat of something to protect the wood!

    Whatever you do with the set...it will be grand! The table is amazing...such a unique handmade creation!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  26. Wow - the things people throw away... great find!

  27. All are stunning and marvelous. I love gardening and designing it with high end products. These products I think will be very impressible in my garden as my greenary backyard is looking out for a change.

  28. i'm sure it was trash, but that would have been funny if someone came running out after you. love that shot of henry too!

  29. How gorgeous are these? You lucky thing!! I really like the whole weathered look so I think I'd be inclined to go with a matte clear stain....but they have so much style I bet anything would look fab on those babies!


  30. Oh Anita, as if I would even begin to know what you should do to that table and bench you stole...errrr...I mean saved from the waste pile! I'm sitting here laughing because I keep wondering if you're refinish them, and the owners will show up, quite thrilled with what you did to their outdoor furniture! I'm going to leave the items I need refinished by your curb!

  31. Awesome finds...LOVE that bench!!! Stain them.


  32. Anita, Your new bench and table are fabulous! This is one of the best curbside finds ever. I would just put some type of sealer on it and leave it as is. I like the rustic/natural look of the pieces.

  33. I can't believe no one took them while you waited for someone to answer the door. I would have had to use my mallet in my neck of the woods! I say paint them a fun color.

    I love your garden (and Henry). :D


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