Framing Quilts

I showed you some of my old quilt pieces the other day.
I was on ebay looking for a larger quilt and came across these. 
I thought I could find some uses for them.
And I was excited to be the winning bid.

That place can be quite dangerous.

framed quilt copy copy

This has to be the easiest way to use one of the pieces.

You could use any of our favorite fabric scraps.

There are a lot of gorgeous fabrics that would look great framed.

framed quilt3 copy

I had this frame that I picked up for .50.

It was green and had a couple of dents that I filled.

Then I painted it white. I used another sample pot, this one from Glidden called Muslin.

framed quilt6 copy

Sort of too easy to even call it a project.

I just laid it over the frame and popped the back on.  

I didn’t even have to cut it. It fit it perfectly.

framed quilt2 copy copy

I still need to use up the other pieces.

But for now I love the way this piece looks in the cute wavy frame.

framed quilt4 copy

What do you think?

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  1. I really really like it! Easy is the best. It really looks good in your craft room.

  2. Your framed quilt piece looks very lovely - it reminds me of some that I saw at the prestigious Park City Art Festival earlier this summer. In addition to framing like you did, they embroidered sayings and/or poems on the fabric, and attached photographs here & there - they were awesome!

  3. I think it is brilliant.
    Both the way you frame and display and the fact that you manage to buy bits of old needlework like this. So wonderful to have those re-appreciated by you.

  4. I love this - so bright, airy, and easy. And I really like your board to the left with the wire back. Super cute!

  5. love it! lovely fabric and looks great framed on top of your cute shelf!

  6. I think this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing - I'm pinning to Pinterst. :)

  7. I LOVE the way it looks in that cute, wavy frame. Great way to show off a quilt piece. I've framed an Indian quilt here and used it above my bed instead of a headboard. Easy and inexpensive. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  8. What a pretty pretty idea Anita. I love it~

  9. um GENIUS! I love to quilt but I am still just beginning and the thought of making an entire full size detailed quilt is so daunting, this is a wonderful idea to do some squares and then frame it! super way to incorporate some texture into a room too!

  10. It's fabulous! But what really makes it, is the frame. What a find. Now I'm off to dig through my box of quilt pieces . . .

  11. I love it - so simple yet really a cute idea!

  12. I love it, Anita! What a wonderful idea. I have collected many different pieces of lovely fabrics in hopes of starting a quilt one day soon. My mom was a big quilter and made some gorgeous quilts, all by hand. They are such works of art and a true labor of love. Each piece of my mom's fabric held a story. Your post today has inspired me to get started!

  13. Hi Anita, Just gorgeous. I love old quilt pieces. I rescued a tattered quilt from a garage sale & used the best squares to cover some chair seats. I never thought of framing them. Great idea.

    Take good care,


  14. It really is a perfect fit! And a great idea. Only $.50 for the frame? That' a Club G.W. find if ever I saw one! Would love to see you over at Tuesday's Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva, the link is up until tomorrow. Stop by and join in the fun any time!


  15. Oh my! LOVE! Now I know what to do with the rest of my grandmother's quilt! I had thought of doing something similar, but wasn't sure how it would look. Now I know it will look absolutely FAB! So glad I didn't rip the entire quilt to shreds and just used 8 strips of fabric from the piece that was in the worst condition. I love this and now I'm following you too! :)

  16. I think it turned out beautiful.. great frame for .50c... also looks nice on top of that cabinet!
    Nice Idea

  17. I think what you did with those scrap pieces of quilt was genius! I love that little pop of color and pattern added to a room. It's a good way to use a small amount like that too.

  18. love it! my mom framed a piece of a quilt for emmy and i love how it looks.

  19. The shape of that frame is so fun! The quilt piece looks great framed in such a great shaped frame. Such a great yet simple idea!

  20. I love it!! I have a lot of quilt scraps that I never thought of framing (I have lots of old frames too so this will be easy!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. That looks so cute! The colors go perfectly in your craft room.

  22. Anita! What a wonderful idea you shared. I have collected many different pieces of fabrics and hopes of starting a quilt one day soon. My mom was a big quilter and made some gorgeous quilts, all by hand. They are such works of art and a true labor of quilt. Each piece of my mom's fabric held a story. Your post today has inspired me to get started!

  23. how adorable! I wish I had a quilt as cute or better yet that I could make one! I'll have to keep my eye out for one next time I am shabby chicing around.

  24. What a great idea! I love it.

    You have just been awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award! Your blog is an inspiration. To find out more about this award check out this post: http://eleven-o-one.blogspot.com/2011/09/versatile-blogger-award.html

  25. Great look...love the colors and it looks outstanding in your space!!!


  26. I think I love it! It's right at home with your other stuff, too.

  27. Another beautiful project and a great way to display and use the pieces.
    Love your style!


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