The Sea Was Angry
That Day My Friends

We had a little visitor this past weekend.

Lee stopped by and brought a some rain and a little wind.

Okay, well a lot.


We took a drive down to the beach to see what the waves were like.


It looked like a giant washing machine.

It was much more windy at the beach then at my house.

We had a hard time standing still.

And focusing was a bit of an issue.


Even the warning flags were barely hanging on.

But the birds seemed to be having a grand time.

They didn’t have to flap their wings much that's for sure.

They were just gliding along.


I felt bad for the tourists who I’m sure were not too happy with the weather.

But these guys were bound and determined to have some beach time.

They were having a cookout.

Might as well I guess.

Hope they like their burgers salty.

ps. Who can tell me where the title of this post comes from?



  1. The Gulf was churning down Englewood-way today too. Thank goodness you didn't have any crazy surfers out there.

    Take good care,


  2. We had an incredibly windy day here in England yesterday. I LOVE it when it's windy - it's hard not feel invigorated by the force of it.

    Your photos look incredible. Look at those waves!!


  3. If I remember right it was from a painting of the sea swirling around a light house? By Alfresco.

    We had two breezy days thanks to Lee.. we're a bit soggy also.
    I love going out to the sea while a storm is swirling.

  4. Beautiful pictures Anita, the sea looks so amazing. I love windy days at the beach, while sitting in my car so I am not getting pounded by the sand. :)
    Have a great day!

  5. These pictures were awesome. We didn't get anything from Anita here. The waves were normal which surprised me being the Atlantic. The title was on the tip of my tongue. I thought about it and thought about it but then I cheated. I see it's from a segment of Seinfeld and now I remember George saying it. Not sure if that's what you were going for!! But it was a funny episode!

  6. no idea where the title came from, I suck at quotes.
    Great photos of the ocean. I bet it was loud too. One time when I made it to the beach there was a storm blowing in and I was amazed at how loud the surf was. That really is a pretty stretch of beach.

  7. Um, Seinfeld?
    That looks wild! Still gorgeous, though.

  8. Since I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan...all I have to say is, "Is anyone here a marine biologist?"..."Is that a Titlist?"

  9. Was it George on Seinfeld?

    Love this post and the great photos of an angry sea and the sky looked angry too. Hope you didn't get to much of Lee.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos!!!!! This is when the ocean is most photographic if you ask me.

  11. What a treat, these seascapes.
    Love the way your frame them in relief.
    They are beautifully done.
    I was so busy looking at them from an art point of view, that it took me a while to take in the reality of such a fierce set of waves.

  12. It is beautiful when windy..., especially when temps are nice and warm!

  13. The Seinfeld show episode where Kramer hit a golf ball into the whale's blow hole and George, pretending to be a marine biologist, climbed a top "the large fish" and pulled it out.
    jdowds88 at yahoo dot com

  14. Glad everything is calm for the moment now!!

  15. I love watching the sea so angry! You captured some great pictures! And I'm glad some folks answered the quote for us all!

  16. Loved your photographs while enjoying my west coast sea. Hope it stays calm.


  17. Those photos are beautiful. I just heard on the new tar balls are washing up on the beach. They think it might be from the oil spill from last year. Well, yeah?

  18. as soon as i clicked over here i thought seinfeld! i love that episode, and that quote by george in particular. i can hear him saying it in my head. ha! great post.

  19. Really, Seinfeld? Of course, now that I think of it, it sounds just like George!!!
    Stunning pictures, Anita!! My favorite is the one with the bird.

  20. I never would have guessed Seinfeld:)! I thougt it would have been a quote from a poet:)

    Love these blustery beach photos! I think I will go see what the waves are doing in RI now that the sun has come out!

  21. Anita, these shots are fantastic! I just love the seaside. It definitely looked angry! We've been seeing the effects of Lee here in Pennsylvania. I'm not sure how much more water the ground can absorb! Hugs, Terri

  22. WOW what great shots Anita. I love watching the water from a far when it is that crazy!

  23. Lovely photos! The waves are so beautiful! I love it!

  24. How beautiful Anita! Your photos are just fantastic!!
    We found some tar balls on the beach after a storm on Sanibel last March.
    You are soooo blessed to live down there!

  25. Great shots, Anita. The wind looks like it's really whipping along in the photo with the flags. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  26. You still managed to get some great shots.

    I hope those folks liked their salty AND sandy burgers.

  27. That sea looks like the one I had to contend with in Daytona our last two days of our vacation. Good for those tourists for sticking it out and having a cook-out. I was sitting in the condo yelling at my kids...don't judge...

  28. ...like an old man trying to return soup at a deli."

  29. i love the photos! i can totally feel the whole mood when i look at them!

  30. The sea is even more gorgeous when it's stormy!

  31. These are great shots. I love it when the storms make the sea rage. I thought the quote was from Hemingway's The old man and the sea.


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