End of Summer

Sadly summer is coming to an end. You can feel a change in the air.
But I’m sure we still have some hot and sticky days to come.

With the highs in the 80’s we spent Sunday on the water with some friends.
I was a little late for the sunrise but the morning light was still gorgeous.


bridge sunrise_edited-1

sunrise textured copy
I used a couple of Kim Klassen’s older textures. Chamomile and Water stain.
Kim’s Skinny Mini class is open for registration now. 
It is the best class to introduce you to the ins and outs of photoshop. 
I highly recommend it.  It’s self paced and it’s free!
Kim also has Photoshop Elements class and an Art of Texture class. Go here for more info.

big house
It’s always fun looking at all the dreamy houses on the water.
They recently finished building this one.

dream house
I’ve shown you my dream house before. But lets look at it again shall we.

These aren’t as big but this one has an infinity pool. Don’t know how I feel about the elephants.

house2a copy
This cottage style home caught by eye. The stone fireplace is so pretty.
It even comes with a sailboat.

the enforcers 
The enforcers were keeping an eye on us.

pelican diving  
That is when they weren’t busy fishing.
They were better at it then us. I only caught a fat catfish.

wispy clouds_edited-1

It was a relaxing day and I sure slept well that night.
Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend as well.

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  1. What a beautiful place! And I love the way you used Kim's textures.

  2. Oh these are all so lovely! What a gorgeous location! I actually kind of like the elephants!

  3. Gorgeous! I loved the "enforcers" lol

  4. Nice texture work. Lovely photos.

  5. Great photos of a beautiful place, I bet the enforcers were wondering if you "got fish?"

  6. Looks like a perfect day with perfect weather. Love those first shots of the water, such pretty light.

  7. How beautiful! I'd take the house with the sailboat anyday :) The pelicans are so cool - they look rather wise and worthy.

  8. Hello Anita,
    What a wonderful day you had. Thank you for taking us along. What a setting and such wonderful houses to look at.
    Wish we had had a few more of those days with 80 degrees this summer. I think we had just one. Never took my padded bodywarmer off more than once or twice all year.

  9. Love the pelican shots. They make for such interesting photos.

    Visiting from TT. Have a wonderful day! :)

  10. wonderful shots! seems you are very privileged to live in such surroundings...

    thanks for leaving a comment at my blog:)

  11. What beautiful photos, Anita. You're so lucky to live in Florida. It is getting so cold here already. I love those pelican shots and the clouds in that last photo sure are pretty :)

  12. Oh. This gorgeous. We didn't get to go down to the Keys this year... Your photos really move my spirit. Wonderful. - Kathy

  13. Love this series, looks like a wonderful day on the water. All those houses were dreamy and the pelicans were grand!!

  14. Yes, we Floridians can only tell it's fall by our shadows getting longer at the beach & that certain something that just changes in the air. I am heading for my first fall in the Poconos in a few weeks.

  15. when one door closes, another opens... hello, fall! so good to see you!

  16. What a beautiful coastal area you have! The photos are really grand.

  17. I'll take that house with the sailboat!

  18. Beautiful pictures Anita. It is changing and the days are getting shorter, so I intend to enjoy every sunny warm beach day I have left!!

  19. What a great day and beautiful photos! I am glad that you can still enjoy a few last days on the water. The pelicans remind me of my dad when he went fishing in Florida, he caught the same pelican twice!! It kept flying after his fish, it was too funny! Pelican was unharmed. :)

  20. Looks like your summer is lasting a lot longer than ours. It's really cool here and raining a lot too.
    Love your photos!

  21. That cottage style house is beautiful! So is your dream house. They really should just move out and let you have it.

    Did you keep that catfish? Some people here eat them, some throw them back.

  22. What a fabulous place, your photos are so beautiful. I love the enforcers on the notice!

  23. Wow! Your photos make me want to go a little coastal this weekend. Well done. I love it when photos are paired with words.

  24. Anita what a water wonderland I love the ocean or lake or river if is wet then it's for me...I really loved your framed quilt piece as well.....have a blessed day..

    Karena A Loblolly Life


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