Estate Sale Finds

Last week I had the chance to stop by and estate sale.

Not too much that I wanted but I did grab a couple of things that caught my eye.

This little mechanic’s stool just had to come home with me.


I thought it would be great for when I am refinishing furniture.

I can just roll around and paint away.

Or just use it inside as a little table.


I haven’t even cleaned it up yet.

It does have just the right amount of rust.

I took a few shots of my orchid while I was taking some of the stool.

A friend of my husbands has given me a few and the white ones are blooming now.

pot crackerjack texture2_edited-1    
Crackerjack texture by Kim Klassen added.

Clay pot texture by mother nature.

lamp 2_edited-1

I also picked up this work light.

My plans are to use the metal shade.

I want to convert 2 pot lights into pendants for above my kitchen sink.

lamp 3_edited-1 
I just need to find another one.

I better hurry.

Someone has found my new items quite handy.

KEN STOOL_edited-1

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  1. So funny that your husband is using the light! Lovely photos! I particularly love the white flowers!

  2. Oh the stool and the work light really go together... nice finds ♥

  3. What a lovely little story, I think your purchases are wonderful. Beautiful orchid also, and your texture pic is fantastic, works really well.

  4. What a smashing post.
    It has me smiling and a little envious of your good eye for combining objects, as well as picking up useful things at sales :-)
    The real textures you show us are terrific and the orchid another thing of great beauty.

  5. they are great finds, Anita! I love the orchid roots on the side of the pot, too :)

    xx Karen

  6. a great post with interesting photo's. I love the way you used Kim's texture, wonderful :)

  7. Your orchid is gorgeous. I have a yellow one blooming right now...they're so gorgeous. I just wish they bloomed more often!

    I love your finds. The kids and I went to an estate sale this weekend but didn't find anything good. I can't wait to see what you do with the stool and lamp!

  8. Very cool finds. I can see that little stool with wheels a big hit in my house. :)

  9. I just love the perspective you took on the clay pot photo, great use of texture too.

  10. LOve that stool and light!!! I really want to steal your stool. THink your husband will notice if I pull it out from under his butt? THe orchid is so pretty, but man that pot is so cool and a great pic and texture to boot!

  11. Great stuff and a beautiful orchid. My husband and son would be using those things too.

  12. Love the stool! How perfect is that for painting!! Your photos are gorgeous and yes hurry, go hide that light before it has been hidden from you! :)

  13. Great series of photos! I really envy your eye for estate sale "finds." Your Cracker Jack image is timeless. Wonderful post!

  14. I am thinking that you may have already lost the stool and light! LOVE that stool! Obviously useful as seating but it has such a great shape and would make such a cute little table.
    Have a great week.

  15. Looks like you found some real treasures. I love your pot with the texture, quite lovely!!

  16. LOLOLOL...looks like you may have lost your treasures to your hubby.
    What great pics Anita! LOVE the crisp white of the orchid, and the moss on the flower pot.
    Have fun with your new(old)stuff.

  17. Love that little stool, it's perfect. Also love your image for this weeks TT, beautifully done.

  18. LOL...love that last photo. Looks like someone has claimed your finds for his own. Love your textured photo :)

  19. I guess your hubby just loves the stool you bought!! I love the photos of the orchid-just gorgeous!!

  20. Looks like the hubs has a couple of new toys! Love that old stool...would make a great little table. Maybe I should have saved some of those work lights that I sold at a garage sale...have about a dozen of them from back when I sold antiques...they were my display lights...oh well!


  21. Great finds at the garage sales. I especially like the texture and your photo of the potted orchid - wonderful work!

  22. Beautiful shots of the orchid. Love the shot of it's roots down the side of the pot. Very nice. I wish mine would bloom again... not humid enough for it and I'm not diligent enough to spritz it every day...

  23. Love all your unique finds at the estate sale. I love shopping at estate sales...seems there are always uniques things at them. That orchid is breathtakingly beautiful. All your conditions for growing them must be perfect and that pot is a true beauty its self. Just goes to show Mother Nature loves things that are weathered and aged just as much as we do and she almost always does it to perfection.

  24. What great finds and your plans for their use sound ideal! The orchid is beautiful and your textured version of the clay pot is really nice.

  25. gosh i love the table / stool wonderful find and i love that your husband likes your buys too. The texture on the pot works so well both Kim's and mother natures

  26. Yes, you better lay claim to these two great items. looks like hubby has found a use for them. The texture gives a nice subtle look to the shot and Mother Nature's help is always welcome.

  27. He's probably thinking that you were so thoughtful to get him a few things he could really use. I'd be thinking "What's with using them in the manner for which they were intended? They're for decoration!"
    I bought a bunch of little oil cans with the little pumps on them, and my poor husband made the near fatal assumption that he could use one for oil.

    No wonder guys don't understand us.

  28. You found such treasures! You have inspired me to get up close to my terra cotta pots and look for the beauty you found on yours. I sure do love that stool!

  29. Great finds! I love estate and yard sales. They are like treasure hunts.

  30. HaHa! Great post! I love love love that textured pic of the pot!!


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