Teenage Bedrooms

I've been thinking about my son's room lately.
It's so BLAH in there.
He could care less but it bugs me.

It’s sort of a green right now and it’s sucking up all the light.
Well, not sort of. It is green.

A boring shade of green.

He has no headboard right now so I’ve been trying to come up with something.

Boys rooms are hard. My kids never wanted to do anything too bold.

But it's time to get him ready for the real world.

Ease him into change.

Try new things.

You never know when you'll like it until you try it.

Right Mikey?

brown headboard

The woven texture and wood tones gives it a masculine feel.

He's not a little boy anymore. No more dinosaurs and baseball.

He is a senior this year, college is just around he corner. 

I want it to be something he likes. So he’ll want to come home to visit!

But still be able to morph into a room for guests after he leaves.

upholstered with frame

I like this one for the mix of upholstery and a wood frame.

I’m thinking maybe some menswear inspired fabric like hounds tooth or argyle.

I have done an upholstered headboard for the master bedroom. And I really like it.

So, do I do another? Or something completely different?


I like the rough, sort of industrial feel of this one.

I could use coffee sacks or plain burlap with a graphic painted on it.

bedroom post

We need to get a new mattress as well and I’d really love to have a platform bed like this.

How hard could that be to make?

The graphic print on the quilt would be nice in there as well.


I love the look of this one.

Not sure how comfy would it be to prop yourself up against a wooden pallet.

It would need to be sanded well and lots of pillows could be used.

I love that lamp too.

photo board

This would be pretty easy to make.

It's made with a door but I'm thinking cork.

He’s into Photoshop and graphic design.

I could fill it with some photos or posters.

Nix the flowers.

barn door

This is one of my favorites.

I’m not seeing him going for it though.

A little too farm like I think.

Maybe for our room.

These are all from my pinterest. You can get to the source page of some by clicking the photos.
I was not able to find the original source on the others. 



  1. We just made our headboard out of an old door and framed around it! Easy, FREE, and it came out BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see what you come up with:)

  2. Oh, I'm with you! the barn door is AWESOME!!!

  3. The last bedroom and the room with the burlap headboard were my favs too. My older boy things his room is baby like, which it is NOT. I don't know what he wants me to do in there. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I'd wait one more year until he is off to college and then go wild!

  5. I love the coffee burlap bags headboard. That is so different and cool.

  6. Those are all great~but that farm one is AWESOME! That woven wood headboard is pretty cool. He should just be smart and give you cart blanche~you'll come up with something so good he'll be glad he did!

  7. I love the barn door! I also liked the look of the pallet - very cool! But I'm with you about needing to sand it really well, and then I wonder if it would retain that primitive look, which is what makes it so interesting.

    Good luck!

  8. I love the creativity of the pallet one. But, since he is into photography, something he could personalize might be a better sell to him.

  9. can't wait to see what you do! teenage boy rooms have got to be the hardest i think!!

  10. I like the woven one, it's seems versatile.

  11. i LOVE the last one--i think it's perfect for a guy, so masculine and unfussy!

    and i agree about boys' rooms. always a challenge. thanks for your kind words today!


  12. Thanks for sharing these, I need as much inspiration as I get for our boys room too :)

    Suzy xxx

  13. Anita, tell your son that applied w/Chick-fil-A to be proactive. He needs to call them and check back, because they are famous for taking.forever.to.hire.people! Did he apply at the CFA in your town or for something at the corporate office? Sorry, I tried to e-mail you, but for some technical reason can't get to gmail even though I have an account!

    My grandmother's house? Tech demolished it to build new dorms, but the dorm does have her street address. I'm assuming your son attends GT, the REAL school.

  14. oh, those infamous words: "how hard could that be to make?"
    I know what happens when one speaks those out loud!!!
    can't wait to see what you come up with.

  15. I love the second image - I would love it for myself but with the right fabric it would work well for for a boy - comfortable simple and nice strong lines.

  16. I couldn't even pick a favourite...can't wait to see what you end up doing. So many possibilities and so little time...you do realize my home needs a complete makeover...I know I know, I'm so unoriginal, I say the same damn thing every time I come here...you know it's a praise for your terrific abilities and taste, right?

  17. Pinterest is a dangerous place. When I start pinning, I'm easily sucked in for a few hours. All of your pins are awesome...I'd be hard pressed to pick just one. I love #2 because it would make a lovely guest space too. I adore the pallet headboard with the weathered gray finish (AND those lamps!)...Oh, I don't know! I'm curious to see what you & Mikey will choose. I'm sure it will look lovely.

    Happy Labor Day weekend,

  18. What wonderful possibilities!!! Now I want to redo my bedroom, too...!!

  19. I would die for that barn door one! I know though, boys rooms are so hard! Luckily mine are still 5 and 7 so they can still be kind of cute and sporty. I like the idea of the menswear fabrics. Keep us posted!

  20. i don't have any decorating advice, but these photos are all so fun!

  21. Great collection of photos! I recently redid my teenage son's bedroom this year. If I had one tip to share..... allow them to have a voice in the decorating! A BIG voice.


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