Fresh Produce!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

It was hot hot hot here.
Combine that with my ever changing body temperature and well, and it was just steamy.

I’m always trying to dress as cool as can be while still wearing something that looks cute.

So when the great people at Fresh Produce contacted me about doing a review of their clothing I was so excited!


I checked out their web site and loved that they had such great clothes that looked both comfortable to wear and came in such fun and vibrant colors.


Their tunics are a great option when you want something loose fitting. 
Tunics can also hide anything you might not want to show off! 
There also carry some tanks and camis that go great under the tunics or anything else you might already have in your closet. 
I love that they come in such pretty colors like sea glass, sunrise and clearwater. 


Here is the Morocco Oceanside Tunic that they sent me in Sea Glass. I just love the color! 
It has a cute tie that cinches it in a bit and nice loose sleeves.

I have a white Simply Cami on underneath. 
I love that it is a longer length. I hate when tanks or camis are too short and ride up. 
This one lays nicely underneath.

I do love wearing capris and they have some great options in different lengths for capris and roll up pants. 
I got to try out the Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll Up Pant. 
These are so comfortable to wear because they don’t have a tight waistband. So no muffin top! 
There is a button and a zipper but also a drawstring to tighten the waist if you need to. 
You can wear them rolled up or leave them down.



Unfortunately they were too short for me to wear down.
They sort of hit me at an awkward length.

But it really doesn’t bother me. I still love them and I prefer wearing them rolled up anyway. 
I wore them shopping the other day and it was in the 90’s and I was not hot at all. 
They are very light weight. I know I will be wearing these a lot. They are my favorite piece!

If you want some casual tops they have those too. From V necks to graphics to ruffles.


Fresh Produce sent me this cute ribbed ruffled top in sea glass.
Have I mentioned how much I love this color?

It is all cotton, so very comfy to wear.

The ruffled trim adds a little interest so it’s more then just a plain t-shirt.

ruffled top_edited-1

Fresh Produce also carries some really cute and stylish party dresses that can be easily dressed up with a few accessories or worn casually with a pair of flip flops.

They look like they would be great for packing when you go on vacation too.

Lets not forget the little girls. How adorable is this dress?


Clothes for me have to be both comfortable and look great. 
They seem to be able to do both very well! 
They are well made, soft, colorful, and easy to wear.

I hope you will stop by Fresh Produce and see what they have to offer. 

They also now ship to over 200 countries, 
so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too. 
You can read more about how this company got started back in 1984 here.

Thanks Fresh Produce for giving me the opportunity to try out your wonderful line of clothing!


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  1. i don't think i had any idea what you looked like.... you are gorgeous! love those colors on you!

  2. I love tunics and keep buying them. And then returning them. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that they look good on everyone except for me. I'm sort of sad.

  3. Their clothes are great and own several items that I've picked up in Key West and even up in NYC!

  4. Look how cute you look. I don't think I've ever seen you show your face before :) Those clothes look very comfy. That ruffled trim top is the perfect color on you.

  5. You are so stinkin' cute. And those clothes are too. I'd never heard of that company, but I had a look around their website and they have some cute stuff. I really like the dresses.

  6. You look stylish and pretty! They do look comfortable.
    I love long camis. Hate having to deal with the riding up business.

  7. Love the tunic and colors - wish I'd known about them when I was living in India

  8. You are beautiful, Anita! Fun to see a photo of you. Love the seaglass color on you, too. Your toes are cute in the pink polish. I'll have to check out their clothing.

  9. I have a closet full of Fresh Produce, but I see I'm going to need to make a trip for some new items. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I've never heard of them before~it looks like they have some nice things! Those pants are really cute.

  11. I have been wearing FP for about 13 years or so. They have a great line for plus sized gals like me. Comfort is amazing and they last. They are a bit pricey and I wish they had more of a selection in plus sizes. Nice Post. How'd they contact you? I could use something new to wear!!

  12. There you are you beautiful girl you!!!! I love that color on you and the tunic and shirt are adorable. I have never heard of them before and will have to check them out, I love all the colors too.

  13. that outfit you have on would be PERFECT for my back to work/school wardrobe. Casual but not unprofessional. Love it.

  14. Look at you all cute and stylin. That is your color girl! I love it.

  15. It's been a while since I've worn Fresh Produce but they really are comfy and casual. If only I lived on the coast!


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