New Coastal Decor

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to win a giveaway over at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures.

She had put together a wonderful coastal mantel but she was ready for a change.
So she decided to a have a giveaway to celebrate her 1000 followers.

I thought I’d show you how I used some of the pieces on my own mantel in my bedroom.


The sea fan was part of the giveaway but the LOVE sign was something that Tracey made. 
You can go by and see how she made it. She used one of my beach photographs to make it! 

I was so flattered that she used my photo and then thrilled when she wanted to pass it on to me.


I think they look great together on the mantel.

But wait there’s more!


This fantastic weathered looking sailboat and two knobby starfish.

I almost bought a similar sailboat myself and I’m so glad I waited.

I love this one so much more.


I placed them on this little half table that I redid last year.

It sits at the end of the hallway. My bedroom is just to the right so I get to see them often.

sea pictures_edited-1

I thought they went well with this trio of pictures I already had up.

I’ll share a little secret about these matted prints.
They are really just cards. Greeting cards.

I found the frames at Michaels years ago and they included the mat.
They were ridiculously cheap inexpensive.
All I did was pop in the cards.   

I also received 3 jars decorated with netting that I plan to use soon.
I hope that I can show you that sometime next week.

Thanks so much Tracy for having the giveaway.
It was so fun to open the box and have a few new things to play with.

I also wanted to thank you guys for all the sweet comments you left me on my last post.
I know some of you were shocked to actually see me! 
Now you have proof, I’m not a starfish ;)

see ya,



  1. Anita~ I LOVE your LOVE sign!! What a beautiful job she did!
    Everything you put together looks fabulous!

  2. I love the LOVE sign! That is such a cool sign and so sweet of Tracy to pass it on.

  3. I love the LOVE sign and that sailboat! It looks perfect there under your trio of prints.

  4. Me too, love the love sign. So neat!! Also, the frames are fabulous for the cards..., they look like galley pieces for sure. Was really nice to "see" you!

  5. Came across your blog, love it, and now following along! ;)


  6. It all looks so good in your room. I am glad you won and that we have become blogging friends. I already knew you werenn't a starfish, but how cool you got to do a clohting review!

  7. you lucky duck! it looks awesome together!

  8. Anita, love the mantel. The LOVE sign she made is fantastic on your mantel. I love the sea fan. I have one and would love more. The three pictures look so good and I am surprised they are cards.

  9. You were meant to win that giveaway and you certainly did justice to all of the items. Love the mantle.

  10. So cute! It really looks great! I've got to get me a sea fan like that, it is so perfect! You did a great job!

  11. I love your decoration! That love sign is so fantastic! I just headed over the Tracy's to tell her so! :-)

  12. Congrats on the win.

    That love sign is lovely

  13. Anita, I love everything you won in the giveaway and all the things you already had! The LOVE picture was wonderful and really special because it was one of your photos!!

  14. Lucky you! Everything looks so good together. That sign is so cool. Love that sea fan too :)

  15. Congrats!! I loved her things and they look beautiful on your mantel! I LOVE the love sign and thought that that was so great that she made that with your photo too, it looks perfect!!

  16. I'm all caught up now!! The mantle looks fantastic, and I can't wait to go over to Tracy's blog to see how she made the sign.
    p.s. fresh produce rocks and it looks great on you!!

  17. I love all of those beachy details on your mantle - especially the coral


  18. That sign is fabulous! I really like the little sailboat, too. What a fun prize to win!


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