Road Trip Tales

We had a great trip to Atlanta this past weekend.
I thought I’d share some of the shots I took while driving. Well, I wasn’t driving.

It helps pass the time.

They have absolutely nothing to do with the story I’m going to tell you.
Just so you know.

old signs_edited-1

Our main goal was to get #2 son a bed for his apartment. Something I didn’t think would be such a problem. But nothing is easy for us. Oh no.

We get to the land of the Swedes and enjoy a nice lunch of meatballs and crepes.

Let me just say this here and now.

Never, NEVER go to Ikea on a weekend. And especially right before college is starting.

As my son so eloquently put it: 
It’s like the 3rd level of hell.





After we were all herded through the showroom, mooing along the way, we made our frame and mattress selection and squeezed our way downstairs to the market place. 
(Why do people insist on going against the flow?) 

We picked up a few nonessentials. Does my college age son need a wine rack? 
No. But I’m so frazzled I buy it anyway.

Then it’s time to locate the bed, load up and then proceed to spend hours putting it together.

clouds_edited-1(find the car in the clouds)

We find the frame, the platform and then the mattress.
Where is the mattress? The big empty palette is not a good sign.

I check with the man.
Nothing until maybe Tuesday or Thursday he says. Maybe.

So we decide to just pick up a mattress elsewhere. Yes. That’s a good idea.

So we unload the loot at the apartment. 
Which by the way, is quite the hike from the parking garage to his door. 
Then the bed is put together. The boys handle this since we did not have a power drill.
It went together surprisingly well. That should have been a clue.

We will shop the next day for the mattress.


After a few issues we locate a full mattress to go into the full frame. We hurry to pick it up.
What? There are no more in stock? The truck is late they say, should be here any minute.

We do a little browsing at the antique mall next door while we wait. 
Go back. No truck. Not until tomorrow they say.
Off we go to find another mattress.
Finally, someone has a full size in stock. Hubby wheels and deals and gets a lower price. Yay!

We squeeze it in to my Trailblazer. We had measured and it should fit. Whew, it’s in. 
Off we go to deliver it to the apartment. The boys are putting it in the bedroom while I’m removing sticky stuff from the thrift store lamp I found. 

Then I hear… what the hell? 

That can’t be good.

train caramel dreams_edited-1

It is not fitting in the frame. What the…..enter whatever swear word you’d like.
There were many.

Is a full size bed different in Scandinavia? The sizes must be off. 
They must make the beds so you have to buy their mattresses from Ikea. Ugh!

It fits perfectly on the outside of the frame but not down on the base. 
The engineer-to-be devises a plan. 
No one wanted to take the frame apart and return it to Ikea. 
So we head to Home Depot, in the middle of Atlanta, so they can build up the platform. 

Some plywood and 2x4’s, a few nails and we’re good to go. College is paying off. It worked.

After some dinner we head to the hotel.

bed room(i really loved the color of this sofa)

It's late, we’re tired. The phone rings. I hate when the phone ring late at night.

Son #2 is calling. What now?

I know why the mattress wouldn’t fit, he says.

He must have been struggling to put the sheets on and then looked at the tag.

It was a queen!

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see ya,



  1. Anita,
    This sounds like something that would only happen to my family...I'm so glad to hear that we are not along...but sorry to hear that it happened to you. Is he going GT?


  2. HAHAHAHA!~ Ok I am sorry Anita but you tell a good road trip story. A wine rack LOL!!~? I hope in the end everything will work out, as I am certain it will.

  3. LOL. Oh my, what a nightmare...this sounds like something that would happen to me. Did you just keep the queen then?

  4. I'm sorry you went through this...but this is a hilarious story! Totally the kind of stuff that happens to me. Too funny!

  5. Anita, We were at Ikea in Virginia last weekend and I so agree with your sons description. What a mad house! I thought crazy stuff like this only happened to me and my family. We all say it's a family curse! I hope this weekend is better.

  6. That was so funny! Probably not at the time but now it is! I learned a long time ago, never never never go to Ikea on a weekend or when it is back to school time. I remember each fall returning our daughter back to Penn State and spending that afternoon at the Wal-Mart with every other parent and kid in State College picking up those last minute needs. Ugh!!!

  7. the hotel looks so dreamy! love it! and your pink toes, of course!

  8. Life happens! Oh my! Some people think only THEY have these kinds of problems. My niece and nephew call it the pfister factor. (pronounced feester) I try to tell them, nope, everyone has days like this!
    I hope that soon, you can look back at it with laughter like WE have. :) to me this was a well written, funny post! I enjoyed it.

  9. I'm visiting from Exploring With A Camera. Love your story. I know it was frustrating then, but it makes a great story now!! Love your framed shot. Not only did you fame the truck, but you got his reflection too! Nice!!

  10. Oh, my gosh! That is too funny!
    Well, he has a bigger bed now! Or did you return it? I'm just sorry your trip to IKEA wasn't more fun!

  11. This is the main reason why I shop at home on the computer. I hate crowds, grouchy people and traffic! Bless your hearts. You get parents of the year awards!

  12. Love this! hah road trips are the best, I love that shot of your toes!!

  13. No one can tell a story quite like you Anita. My Dad was a great storyteller like you...lol. I thought I was the only one that these things happen to. Glad you did get to spend some time with your sons:) And you are so right I live just outside a college town and you do NOT attempt to do anything (shopping, dining, etc.) every August when the students return.

  14. Hi Anita-

    What we do for our children. At least it all worked out in the long run and it gave you something fun to blog about. :) Glad he is all settled into his queen bed.

    My best- Diane

  15. Ugh, quite the trip! I will add to your statement about IKEA, never go to an IKEA in Italy on a Sunday in the summer. It's the only thing open and few people have air conditioning, so they gather there. It was insane. Thanks for linking in, I enjoyed your mirror frame shot!

  16. What a funny story, Anita! I know what you mean about Ikea on a weekend! On another note about Ikea I always have a hard time sterring those carts! But, I do love Ikea. Glad you were able to finally get your son all set up in a bed.

  17. That's funny! I take back then what I was thinking about Ikea. I know they have unusual sizes so I would have believed a regular full size matress not fitting.

    Bright side, y'all got a queen for the price of a discounted full.

    I like your frame in a frame shot. Wanna know something funny? I have a similar picture that I took on a trip to Ikea! I took it because the truck had a huge #3 on the grill.

  18. Hi Anita..really made me laugh..you told it so well..like we were all right there with you! Hope all turned out well!

  19. Gah--just when you think you're getting them "up and out" an entire other set of predicaments pops up! I hope you were able to laugh about the mattress! Hugs, Kim


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