Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

Over the summer my friend Kat from The Kat Eye View was putting together something called Liberate Your Art a postcard swap. We each mailed her 5 postcards of our art and she divvied them up and we each got 5 back in return. Well 6 really because she sent out one of her own. 

And she did all this just after moving back to the US from Italy.

1020 pieces of art
170 participants
37 US states
13 countries
2 homes
1 swap


basket cards_edited-1

It was so much fun to get something in the mail other then bills or junk.


The one on the left came from Rosie @ Rosie’s World. Her pink tulips are just so gorgeous. 
They certainly brightened my day. I would love to have some growing in my yard.

On the right is one from Kelly @ I Need To Color. It is titled “Mackenzie’s Flowers”. 
I’m not sure how she did it but the colors are just so pretty. 
Delicate little flowers with punches of color.


The picture of the sweet older couple was taken in Krakow Poland by Alison of My Life-An Adventure. Such soft and lovely colors. The light fog gives it a mysterious feel. 
I love how they are walking arm in arm.

On the right is a pen and watercolor done by Lea. She is at The Beaufort Art Center. It's a great combination of the two mediums. Such detail in the pen and beautiful colors with the paint. 
She must have quite the steady hand.

postcards 3_edited-2

The YES is an original piece of art created by Tia who blogs @ The Inspired Life
This was her first piece big piece that she sold and it launch her YES project.  
It’s a wonderful piece full of inspiring words. 
She’s wanting to spread the word about saying yes to the things that you desire.

And last is my card from Kat herself!

It’s the wonderful photo of a Vespa that she took in Italy. I have always loved this shot. 
Vespas are seen all over Italy. I’ve never driven one but maybe some day. 
It’s also a great reminder of the wonderful trip we made for our huge family reunion. 
And I love the red!

I hope everyone got my emails but let me just say thanks again just in case. :)

And a huge THANKS to Kat for doing all this work. What a fantastic job you did!

I hope she does it again next year.
Think you’ll join us?



  1. I love how you have photographed these, they look so wonderful.

  2. What a terrific idea! Kudos to Kat for handeling it all. Your cards are beautiful! I would have love to see the ones you sent out.

  3. I love your presentation, and the story for each! I am especially enthralled by that YES. What a powerful message. So glad that you were able to create these connections. I'm definitely doing it again!!

  4. How much fun is that?! I love it! What a fun idea.

  5. What great cards you received. I love the one of the couple walking hand in hand.

  6. Your displays of the cards are so creative. Great job.

  7. Gorgeous returns! And you displayed it so beautifuly.:)

  8. i love every card you recevied. This is such a terrific idea!

  9. I loved every card I received and will absolutely do this again. I like how you presented the cards.

  10. that looks like so much fun! i used to have tons of postcards and should do that next year.

  11. Your post is wonderful! Beautiful art! I have loved making my way around to everyone.

  12. The postcards you received are so inspiring!

  13. Love the photos you took of the postcards. Glad to see them.

  14. What a great lot of cards and the way you have 'blogged' them. See you next time?

  15. The photos are great of the postcards. It was a great idea of sharing!

  16. you received some beautiful cards! i love the way you put this post together.

  17. Such a lovely collection and your blog is beautiful!

  18. Thanks for sharing the cards you received. And nice to meet you! If I hadn't visited your site I'd not have found out what a Trumeau mirror was - despite having just finished living in France for 10 years!


  19. What a beautiful collection, Anita, and I love the way you presented them! I'm so happy one of my cards found its way to you to brighten your day :-) And it's especially exciting to know it was received by someone I "know" :-))

  20. love, love, love. you are right, it was so fun to get these in the mail!

  21. Thanks for posting my card! I think my "Krakow Couple" is one of my favorite photos! Eastern European older couples are so adorable and always with their hats and coats.... Its just such a reflection of where they came from. Love your other cards as well and, may I say, since we were connected through Kat, I am an avid "Going A Little Coastal" fan!

  22. Can you believe that I am finally getting a chance to link to everyone on the blog hop!! Love the creativity behind all these postcards! I will definitely do it again even though I never did find out where four of my cards ended up:)

  23. What a great idea. Wish I could've participated.


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