I'm Moving...

....into this little bungalow. I just need to figure out how to get the owners to move out. A girl can dream can't she? We were out on the boat today and came across this beauty. Not sure if you can get the feel for the size of it. The design it genius as it is spread wide. It's sits up high so that ground level is most likely storage for cars or what not. It even has a dock and a boat.

The deck goes all the way around the house. All. the. way. You need to click on the picture and make it bigger and then you can see it better. Go ahead, click. I will wait. See it now? Look, it has a cupola. I want a cupola. Can you imagine the views from that thing?
I want to go inside. I wonder what it looks like. All perfect and beachy. It has a metal roof and the sun was shining on it making it hard to take pictures. Look at all those windows. I'm not sure if I would have had all the panes on the windows but hey, I won't complain. But they do block the view a bit. Still, it was gorgeous.
Well, I need to pack. I am leaving tomorrow. I'm not going to Atlanta. Just half way and doing a drop off. I could just leave #3's friend at a truck stop until his mom comes and gets him. That might not go over well. It does make for an easier trip for me. I would not have had enough time to shop in Atlanta anyway. I will leave that for another trip.
Don't forget to keep notes!

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  1. Wow, I'm dreaming with you Anita. :)

  2. It's my house. LOL Just kidding. Lovely though and I wouldn't mind moving in either!

  3. Ohh~I love the windows! I'll bet the view is so great you don't even notice the panes.

    The little lighthouse looking thing on top is fun~I wonder what's up there. I also wonder if it looks like a Carolina low country house from the front.

  4. See I kept re-reading "this little bungalow" and scratching my head. Little bungalow can be a relative phrase like as if comparing it to the Taj Mahal or the Grand Teton Mountain range. Yep. I see it. It's a little bungalow. And don't you just love beach colors? Oh I do!!!

    So how's the temps in FL? Our friends would like to see us living there. I can't imagine the heat!!!! I know that has nothing to do with this post. Well it kinda does.

    Have a safe trip!

  5. wow, that looks like one of those HGTV dream homes. can't imagine having that much room.
    have a safe trip

  6. Anita I know someone who knows someone who for a small 'consulting fee' could persuade these home owners to 'move'....mwhahahahaha....!

    Drive SAFELY OK & do let me know if you would like me to contact 'someone' for you....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  7. I want to move in with you:) Have a safe trip!

  8. Dreams are fun, aren't they?
    I do the same thing whenever we are in the 1000 Island area. The homes are so great on the islands.

  9. Anita, I just found you blog and I love it! I want that owner to move out of that little cottage too! Good luck persuading them-LOL!!

  10. Hope you are having fun!
    When are you coming back?
    I am tired of keeping the notes!

  11. Wow what a beautiful house. Have fun on your trip!

  12. Oh my, can I move in with you :) SO very pretty. Have a wonderful trip! Oh and no you don't need another cup of coffee, I do! I didn't leave a link, I can't believe it, I fixed it though and here it is just for you :)


  13. Wouldn't that be wonderful!So beautiful


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