Cabinet or Coop and a Window

I have a couple more things to show off from the great sale I went to. I saw this little cabinet of sorts on day one of the sale. (Hubby call it a chicken coop when he saw it.) I went back to it at least three times. It was a little high and I knew there would be a discount the next day. Waiting is always a gamble. I had to ask myself if I would be upset if it wasn't there on day two. And... I would have been, so that is when I picked it up and hauled it to the hold table up front. You need to utilize the hold table. When you see something you want, even if you aren't sure, put it on the hold table. You can always put it back. But once someone else picks it up then you are out of luck. Lesson learned. 

I'm not really sure what it was originally. This little thing on the side is confusing to me. Maybe someone can help me out if they know. I know some of you are wrinkling up your nose at it and that's okay. It's something you either love of you don't.

It's made out of tongue and groove with just a piece of the tongue on top missing.  I bought it with the idea of using it in our future half bath to store towels and things in it. It has metal braces on the back to hang on the wall. For now, I'm not sure. It's a little small for a coffee table perhaps. But it may have to stay there for awhile.

The inside is all painted white. I had to give it a good cleaning, sanded lightly, vacuumed it out and then I waxed it.

The picture below is the top before any wax was applied. See how the wood looks a bit dry and lack luster? Have no fear.

I have had some questions about what I mean or what I use when I say waxing. This is what I use. It's Briwax. This one is clear but it does come in colors.  Now the board on the left I already waxed. The board on the right with the can on it is unwaxed. Can you see the difference? It's subtle. It cleans, seals and gives it a wonderful luster. Not a lot of shine. Just increases the warmth of the wood.

Here it is with both sides done. It dries quickly and then you go over it with a clean cloth and buff it out. It makes it feel wonderful to touch too.

I found a window frame at the sale also. I loved it's chippy white paint. One side is not chippy at all and the other side is. So, I can turn it around depending on the look I want.

 I thought it was pretty cool that it was a triangle. When I went to check out it was lying there on the floor with a sold sticker on it. I commented that I liked it and the workers started talking about how it had been sitting there since 8am and it was noonish. The lady left and never paid for it. So, they were going to put it back on the floor to be sold and he asked me if I wanted it. Another lesson learned. Don't utilize the hold table for too long. They won't hold it forever.

I had the frame hung up on the wall in the dining room. I was trying different things hanging in the openings. I liked the size of the white platter but I wasn't crazy about the veggies mixing with the starfish. And the starfish were bugging me. They were looking like they were being hung up to be tortured. So, I went to take them off, to try something else and the whole frame fell off the hook and down came the platter and broke into a gazillion pieces. The tortured starfish survived. And while I didn't like the platter on the wall I did like it and I'm bummed it broke. Oh well, they'll be other platters. I will update with what it looks like when I get it all together again.

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  1. I love the triangle. That looks great on the wall.

  2. Hi Anita,
    Your "coop" is really neat! I wonder if it was a rabbit hutch? And your window frame is really cool, too! Thanks for the tips on waxing. I will be sure to look for Briwax!

  3. I really do love the coop, what ever creature it was made for. Hope someone can clue us in on what it is for.
    And I knew I would LOVE the window. I think it will look perfect without anything in it. I'm sorry you lost your plate, it was a really pretty one too.

  4. What a shame about the platter, isn't it so annoying when things like that happen. I love both your finds and I would definitely have snatched up the coop too! xx

  5. So glad I stumbled across your blog! I love the 'coop', it looks great as a coffee table. I love using wax too - it always gives a great finish. Look forward to your next post. Michelle

  6. Anita, thanks for stopping by! Awww, so sorry the platter broke, but I sure love that triangle window. And that piece that you waxed is really cool too.

  7. Love the coop, gorgeous! I've used the wax before as well and really like it! Have a wonderful day!

  8. What a great reuse for the coop. I think it turned out great! And what a unique window!

  9. Such great finds! Both pieces are so unique!! Bummer about the platter!

  10. Hi Anita... the "Briwax" will that work on wood painted white? I need something to for my tables... hmmm?
    Love your coop idea!
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and your funny comment.. coconut crab!

  11. I love the trunk. Great find.

  12. Hi Anita...the "coop" looks like a French bathroom cabinet. Some actually had screened sides and door. If it has hangers on the back...you could hang it and use it for storing soaps, lotions, towels, etc.
    Very cool! Also love the frame!

  13. The frame is great and a unique piece. What a great find!

  14. I love the chicken coop too, cool! Will that wax work on painted furniture? I ask because I have several pieced of furniture that I've painted and stuff that I put on them sticks to the furniture a little bit. My mom said that I should try a paste wax... is that what you have used?


  15. Hi there. I think your "coop" is actually a vintage pie safe. They were used to store pies while they cool, and kept bugs and critters out. Here's one at this site that's kind of similar. http://www.heartlandantiques.com/images/primitives/13pie.jpg
    I don't know what the thing on the side is, but I wish I could get a closer look. Do you have any close up shots of it? I hope I helped. :)

  16. Oh wow... those things are fab! Whatever that cabinet is, I LOVE it as a coffee table. Very cool! And this is the first time I've ever seen a triangle window frame. That thing is wild!!


  17. Fabulous finds. I just love that box and I would use it as a coffee table. Wish I could find one!!

  18. Love them both, but I'm sorry about your platter!

  19. Well, I for one, vote on the side of loving it. I think it's great and I sure would have brought it home with me. I also love that triangular window. How neat a shape! You did very well, my friend.

    Partying with you tonight at Donna's. Stop by if you have a minute.


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