For The Love of Rust

What is your first thought when you see something rusty? Does it call out to you or do you want to throw it aside and start anew? If it's the latter, then throw it this way please.

I know you probably have seen this screen before when I showed you all of my white trim. It is actually three panels that I picked up at the (not there anymore) Lakewood antique market. That was the best place. I liked it better than Scott's. Better prices in my opinion. But it no more. (sigh) Anyway, I took some little hinges and hinged them all together to form this screen.

The frame is wood and the inserts are all metal. I don't think they are old. Just aged. There are metal holders that go on the opposite side that can hold pots. I don't have them in right now.  I may even separate them again and use them on the wall. Not sure. I love the crustiness of it.

did you notice the brass doors are no more?

I picked up this lantern at a yard sale years ago. For $5 I think. Something old, with a little bit of history, a little different for not a lot of money. I have it hanging on my hall tree but it was gloomy outside and I had to bring everything under the skylights to take pics.

The candle holder was also bought at Lakewood. It did have more green paint on it at the time. But I left it by the pool for the past year and the rust took over. I sanded it lightly and gave it a clear coat.

You can see the green at the top and bottom of the piece. I'm going to take the spikey things off and then glue on some votive cups. I used to have it on my screened porch and the candles never stayed lit. Okay, truthfully, I never lit them much because they weren't very secure. I think I may dab some paint here and there to give a little color back to it. What do you think?

The old yellow step stool got a cleaning and a clear coat and is now by the pool as a plant stand. I just need to find some smaller pots for the lower steps. They weren't as big as I had thought.

I can not forget the rusty wire bales on my lovely blue jars. I have no lids for the ones with the wire but that is fine with me because my goal is to keep flowers in them as much as possible.

These sunny yellow spider mums brighten up my kitchen. And the good shopper that I am, they were even on clearance. $2.50 for 6 stems. I bought two bunches. I'm so worth it.

Linking up over at Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special. She has a rust theme this week :)

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  1. I love your rust. And yes, you ARE so worth it! :)

  2. I love the candle holder the best. I think you should leave it as is and hurry and get it somewhere. It is great. The screen looks good. I don't know if I would take it apart. I like it and I agree with Suzanne...you are so worth flowers and more. I am glad we have become blogging friends. I enjoy our "visits".

  3. Love ALL your rusty goodies! That fire screen and candelabra chandelier are gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  4. Great rustiness going on at your home...love the candle holder and screen!


  5. What beautiful things!! The fireplace piece is very nice! The old stool is way fun!

  6. I forgot about my hanging candeliers, until I saw yours. I have one in a tree and one out front on a shepherds hook.

  7. That chandelier is gorgeous!
    No don't paint it! It looks perfectly rusty already!
    You have adorumble things!
    Blessings to you as you make your home, Anita!

  8. Love all of your rusty things. The rust gives them character.My favorite is the chandelier. I've seen pictures of them hung from tree limbs and they look great.
    Enjoy your flowers... yes, you are worth it.

  9. Hi Anita-
    Thanks for leaving the comment on my site. I learned to pin cushions at my first job as a display designer. I have had only one cushion in my home, professionally done, every other one is pinned.

    I just love your candle holder chandy. I like it just as it is. I would love to add some chain to it and hang it right above my swing. I love the finish. I have a brass fixture in my dining room that I want to transform. I found a photo in Southern Living and am going to use it as my inspiration. It looks similar to your naturally occuring rust.

    My best- Diane

  10. I'm loving all your rusty goodies, Anita.
    That candle holder is so awesome just as is.
    Pretty flowers too!

  11. OH I LOVE ALL YOUR RUSTY stuff!!

    about perfect I'd say!
    Thanks for showing us.


    barbara jean

  12. I love it all! The candleholder is my favorite...it would look great hanging over an outdoor eating area!

  13. I love it all too! Rusty old, chippy totally my style. Thanks for popping over..miss all you gals and can't wait to do some catching up when I come home. Debbie

  14. love all the cute rusty goodies...but I really love that candleholder!! I would love that hanging over the vintage wooden outdoor table I dream of:)

  15. I love all your rusty treasures. My favorite - the candle holder.

  16. I love all of your stuff. I love the candle holder. I'm thinkin that I would leave it as is with all of it's rusty lovliness.

    Partying with you at Donna's.

  17. Anita I think yoou & I must have been seperated at birth....hahahahahaha....I ADORE the pieces you've shown & LOVE that you use poly on your rust pieces to preserve them....Isn't a clear coat just the BEST....??? I get such a THRILL out of seeing the transformation it brings to a piece....It gives the metal a lustre that is just TO DIE FOR....I ESPECIALLY enjoy using it on my red tool boxes....D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S....!!

    I enlarged your second pic & gazed at it for AGES....The crackle of the paint & rust is just SENSATIONAL.... ** sigh ** Wish we were closer to do 'swaps'....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)


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