Brick Clips and a Little Redo

I had someone ask about the brick clips I used on my heavy scrolly thing. I thought maybe others might be wondering also. Or not. But I'll show you all just in case. This is what I used. They come 2 in a pack.

They don't look like much. The mortar might  need to be scraped out a bit to allow the little wings to be lodged up against the upper brick.Then there are teeth that grip the lower brick. Not much to them. I had my doubts. But low and behold they do work.

I used both clips to hold it up. Each clip holds 30lbs but it was long and needed both. No drilling, no anchors and you can move them around. Love them. Oh, and I got them at Lowes over by the picture hanging stuff.

There you go. Sorry about the glare. My personal photoshopper is at band camp. "This one time, at band camp...."

Oh yes, my lovely birdie planter redo. The flowers aren't staying. They need more sun. I haven't gotten to the store. Just wanted to show off the stripes.




  1. Love the redo, Anita! Very beachy cottage and oh so pretty!
    Thanks for the info on the brick hangers. I've never heard of those, and we do have brick on the outside of our house. They sure don't look like they would hold up that big, beautiful metal scrollwork, but the proof is in the picture. ;o)
    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Jo

  2. I've never heard of a 'brick clip' but I love it! that's a handy dandy little invention! decorating the outside of your house with iron or even art canvases with a heavy coating of glaze is so wonderful!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. I love love love the striped planter. I put it on my tumblr, I need to make one of those! So cute!

  4. What a gorgeous space. Thanks for inspiring me today Anita!

  5. Thanks for telling me about the brick clips. I have never heard of them, but now I know and I want one really bad! Plus I love the planter redo!

  6. I have a scrolly thing on a brick clip too!!!!

  7. Soooo nice -I'm loving the display and table..., good that the birds flew away, hihi!

  8. K, now I know what to look for, thanks. And that planter is beyond cute. That is a great makeover.

  9. Looks Great! I am new to your blog so did yousay were you purchased the brick clips? MY husband is a bricklayer and I have never heard of them! Thanks for the info and thanks for the comment on my blog :-)

  10. Thanks for the hanger tips! I'm so glad that Lowes sells them. I don't have to run around looking.


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